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We pride ourselves on sourcing directly from organic and sustainable Australian farms. We work closely with each farmer, with every ingredient hand-picked at the height of harvest. Our farmers press oils and grow herbs specifically for us which is quite unheard of in the skincare industry.




A former Chicago native, our founder Jen came to the southern Gold Coast of Australia in February 2017. Jen discovered skincare making and herbalism years earlier while living and working in the Rocky Mountains of Utah. She wanted to create a simpler skincare line that worked directly with small organic, sustainable farmers, using no unnecessary additives, just powerful, natural ingredients.

That’s why she created Avec, so people didn’t need to buy lots of beauty products, they’d get everything they need with far less products. While living in Chicago, she’d worked and volunteered on behalf of abused women, and wanted to give back to women’s charitable organisations with the profits from her company.


Most serums are 30ml, but at 50ml ours have 40% more volume. This means less packaging waste and less environmental impact for your customer. Keeping our carbon footprint minimal is important to us. Sourcing organic ingredients locally means a reduction in beauty miles, rather than sourcing ingredients from all around the world. It’s extremely important at AVEC that we know where every ingredient is coming from.

Other countries (which claim to use certified organic products) can be unmonitored and can be using unsustainable farming practices, where the farm workers may be being exploited and processing shortcuts are made. We choose to work with small family farms not just for their dedication to their product, but also for their love for the environment. We don’t believe in producing countless products just to fill a shelf. We do believe that simplistic beauty is the most effective and sustainable route to your best ever skin.


AVEC is a carefully curated skincare duo for the intentional minimalist that provides nourishment for both the internal body and for external skin health, which when used together delivers truly radiant skin. Our BIOACTIVE NUTRIENT SERUM is part of a bespoke two-step system that has been crafted to suit all skin types using only the freshest ingredients harvested at the height of their potency by our select farmers and producers.

Our GLOWING SKIN FROM WITHIN is a gut healing, grass-fed collagen sourced exclusively from New Zealand that is focused on internal health giving properties to boost skin healing and promote exceptional beauty results.