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Alison Morgan Business Coach

Founder of Relauncher and Sticky Studio



Over the years, I’ve mentored 500+ Small Business Owners 1:1. The knowledge and experience I’m able to share through solely coaching 1:1 is tremendous, coupled with my previous academic and corporate roles in Business and Marketing.

I create tailored solutions and strategies that complement clients needs & strengths. Working together through Business Coaching provides clarity, focus & results specific each individual needs.


My background is Business and Marketing for Blue Chip Companies. After having the boys close together, I didn’t want to go back to the Corporate Lifestyle. I knew I wanted to start a business, although was unsure what I’d do. After spending time thinking about my skills, qualifications and passion, I launched Relauncher. This brand evolved into Business Coaching around 2 years in. Fastfoward around 3 years or so, we started creating branding for businesses. I kept this under the Relauncher Brand for several years, then when the time was ready, I split this out and put the branding / digital marketing under Sticky Studio.


I have a particular love for living a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Running your own business is an extension of who you are, so it seemed natural to primarily work with Health, Wellness, Beauty and Lifestyle businesses. In saying that, I also coach a vast array of businesses beyond this scope, however approximately 75% of my clients are in the health, wellness, fitness, beauty and lifestyle industries.


Everything in my life lights me up. I have a wonderful family, we are all very close. I have tailored my businesses to fit in around the family lifestyle. I work long hours, although it’s fine as I truely love what I do. Business Coaching lights me up as I love helping businesses become successful in their own way. Tailoring solutions to individual businesses is very satisfying, as you get to enjoy their success and rewards along their journeys. Sticky Studio is a fabulous creative outlet. We have many beautiful brands, websites, packaging, social media etc flowing through the studio. I am always excited to see brands come to life or undergo a refresh. The team at Sticky Studio are an absolute delight to work with. I am very fortunate to have such a fabulous array of people to work with.


How To Boast Your Online Presence - July 2021


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