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Andrea O'Shea



Ep 5 - Kinesiologist and Aromatherapist Andrea O’Shea on Clearing Meridian Energy Pathways To Achieve Healthier Skin



Today’s guest Andrea O’Shea is founder of Shenko Organics and Kaizen, a holistic wellness clinic in Sydney.

Andrea is a kinesiologist, aromatherapist and holistic facial therapist, having worked in the beauty and wellness industry for over 18 years.

Having integrated Kinesiology into her treatment menu 5 years ago at Kaizen, Andrea was passionate about creating an organic range of skincare that nurtured her clients holistically.

Included in her range are 5 Facial Oils based on the elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water.

Andrea believes that when each of these 5 elements are in balance we can experience transformations deep within the skin, body and our inner-being allowing us to reach our full potential.

If you would like to know all about Kinesiology and holistic beauty, this episode is for you.

Rapid fire questions for each podcast guest:

  • Last product you purchased - Ipsum Skin Body Oil

  • What’s been your best beauty discovery this year - Eden Health Super Greens Supplement

  • Your desert island skincare product - Centella Beauty Oil

  • Professional treatment you swear by - Skin needling

  • Best piece of beauty or wellness advice you can share - Remember to look at yourself holistically, look at what is going on physically, emotionally and spiritually. Be sure to use healthy and nourishing products on your skin.

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