Founded by Michelle Wang


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An important part of the Arithmos philosophy is to empower consumers by being completely transparent about the ingredients in the bottle and their benefits. By doing so, we are creating an intrinsic experience, by educating them about what these individual ingredients can do for their skin.


Arithmos inception was driven by my concern for my young daughter’s skin condition—a dry and itchy affliction where she was constantly scratching. I tried so many products but nothing worked, and my knowledge of ingredients in those products was limited. I went back to being a student and enrolled in a skincare formulation course, juggling the studies alongside my successful career as an accountant. I am now a qualified Cosmetic Chemist. Arithmos was born from my desire to create simple, natural skincare with seasonal ingredients that is highly effective and powerful.


Arithmos only uses recyclable and biodegradable products for packaging; including recyclable glass bottles, kraft paper mailer boxes and cartons, and biodegradable mailer bags. We are certified cruelty-free and vegan. Our products are made for humans and never tested on animals, only on Michelle’s family and friends.


We make hand-blended skincare powered by fresh, natural plant-based oils to feed and nurture healthy skin. Our curated body care collection delivers the gift of moisturised, firm and hydrated skin in a decadent oil blend, with the mood-enhancing benefits of aromatherapy being the bow on top.