Founded by Silke and Stephan Becker


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Fun and affordable, certified natural and organic cosmetics (except nail polish) that are a joy to use and represent excellent value for money.

We have the strong belief that what is in our certified natural and organic products is as important as what is not in them.

• High quality formulas

• Natural and organic oils and waxes

• Essential oils

• Plant extracts

• Principles of Green Chemistry


In 2008 Silke and Stephan had a vision and goal of creating a natural cosmetic brand providing the best of glamorous conventional cosmetics with certified, resource-conserving organic ingredients. Benecos was born! Bene meaning 'good' in Latin and cos for 'cosmetics' the brand literally means good cosmetics.


All our products, except for the 8-free nail polishes, are certified with BDIH. BDIH are a European certification that ensures only natural ingredients are used in our products.

COSMOS Since 2017 38 new benecos products have been certified COSMOS ORGANIC through BDIH. The COSMOS standard was agreed between 5 European certification bodies to stop consumer confusion with different certification labels and standards.

Vegan Society The benecos vegan product range has been registered with the UK Vegan Society, probably the most well known Vegan symbol world-wide. Wherever possible our products are vegan.

Cruelty Free At benecos we believe in 'beauty without bunnies'. Naturally we are against all animal testing and we are listed on the positive list for animal-free cosmetics by Peta.


Our magic is ensuring certified natural and organic make-up is available for everyone at an affordable price. We recently launched Refillable Palettes. 29,723 possibilities to express yourself! Our refillable make-up palettes are perfect for mixing and matching any benecos ‘it-pieces’ pressed powders. Choose from 12 eyeshadows, 4 compact powders, 3 blushes, 2 highlighters, 2 bronzers and 1 contouring powder to create the perfect colour palette suited to you. Let your imagination run wild with 29,723 possibilities.