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Bond: The Intrinsic connection between humans and nature.

Bond Clean Beauty sets a new standard for luxury beauty. Offering a clean selection of makeup, hair and skincare, wellness and lifestyle products from around the world.

At Bond Clean Beauty, we believe it’s important to understand the connection between humans and nature, an approach that guides how we experience and live our beauty routines every day. We share natural, green, and clean beauty brands that are not only comparative to the high-end conventional norm, they often outdo them!

The term Clean Beauty means beauty products that contain only safe ingredients without any nasty ingredients that contain known toxins, carcinogens, neurological disruptors, and so on. The industry terms can also be green or natural, however, I deliberately chose ‘clean’ as there are also natural ingredients that are unsafe, lead being one of them! Selecting ‘Clean Beauty’ felt more aligned with my message.


I began as a hair and makeup artist, working in salons & freelancing with fashion weeks, red carpet work, press tours, award seasons, film & TV, editorial and so on. I absolutely loved finding the best products for my clients and I loved all the beautiful packaging as well.

After my health started to deteriorate and my doctors advised that the long hours (adrenal fatigue) and the chemicals in the products were affecting my health, I needed to make a shift in my work life. I loved what I did, so I started to investigate natural products, and it wasn't an easy road! At the time, the main options were still in health food stores, these products did not perform to the standard my clients and I were accustomed to.


When looking at each brand that we share with our customers I look at performance, ingredients, brand aesthetic, and question would I use it? Would I use it on the most high-end client? Could I use this in my professional kit? Most importantly, I look at brand integrity. Understanding how each brand sources their ingredients, where are they grown, how are they harvested, if it’s sustainable and regenerative, what process does the plant goes through to extract the product, how is the product formulation put together, and what is the intention for making this product and putting it out into the world? There are a lot of points I look at when looking at brands and aligning with them.


We adore all the products we stock as we have a very careful and tight curation process. There is magic in green beauty brands taking sustainability onboard. We have brands that are beyond 100% carbon neutral, eco warriors that defend the Amazonian Rainforest and the indigenous tribes of the area. Axiology, a vegan lipstick brand, has created the worlds first zero waste sustainable lip-to-lid balmie. It is a lipstick/cheek/eye colour crayon that in housed in a recycled paper box!

We also do everything in our power to be as sustainable as possible, from offsetting all our shipping (from incoming stock, to customer orders). We also have a Terracycle box instore, where customers can bring their empty beauty containers. Terracycle go on to repurpose the items into new products, rather than the items going into landfill! Some of our brands also make their packing from recycled materials, which is very cool!


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