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As a professional chef and advocate for holistic wellbeing and conscious eating, my brand ethos is centred on the health and happiness of my customers and taking care of this precious planet we live on. I ampassionate about creating foods that will help to improve your overall state of health and wellbeing without compromising on taste, sacrificing too much for your time and minimising the impact on the environment.


Havingalways been into fitness and nutrition and having a sister who was just diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, I decided to experiment with making healthier desserts and this led me to playing around with beautiful, raw and vegan creations. In turn, this set me off down the raw food path in my life as a whole. After a few months of experimenting on a raw vegan diet, I became totally convinced of the power of fresh fruits and vegetables.

At the time of transitioning to this lifestyle, I thought I was already eating well and feeling good, however adopting raw foods elevated me to a new level of wellness! I experienced increased focus, energy, reduce inflammation and unfounded mental clarity. Perhaps the best way to sum it up was an overall sensation of euphoria. NowI had discovered the powerful results of knowing how to maximise nutrition in every meal, whilst still revelling in the delicious pleasure of preparing and eating clean, living foods, I knew I needed to share with as many people as possible so they too could reap the positive impact of this lifestyle.

I immersed myself in raw-food, the art of “uncooking”, studied the masters of vegan plant-based food in the USA and brought the raw food movement back to Australia in 2006. I opened a raw food vegan café and have now completed a cookbook and so began my mission to spread the word on the beauty of raw vegan food.


I strive to make all my products and recipes as sustainable as possible, generating a lower carbon footprint and supporting local farmers. My goal is to help you reconnect with your body and nature through food. I believe everyone should be able to make food that will nourish there soul.


My magic is sharing my knowledge and passion of raw food and inspire others. I love teaching what I know about the incredible world of rawfood preparation and nutrition and have compiled all of my favourite recipes into my recipe book, Eat More for Raw Food. The recipe book is my way of empowering people to incorporate raw food into their life. It provides them with the knowledge and tools to easily make this life changing food for themselves.