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Founder's Formula captures the potency of newly researched Australian Botanicals.

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I launched Founder’s Formula in March 2021 but the story started three years before when I went with a friend to the world's biggest beauty trade show, Cosmoprof, in Bologna Italy. I was so fascinated by the beauty world but I realised that here were so many beauty products from all around the world but no Australian Botanicals. I was really surprised as I knew there was sound evidence that Australian Botanicals, (with wonderful names like Illawarra Flame Tree and Emu Apple), contain active, potent ingredients with huge potential for effective skin care.

I returned home and spent the next few years immersing myself in the research and building my little lab and experimenting. I found an amazing cosmetic formulator who is now a friend and together we created beautiful products. I have a PhD in economic anthropology so I have a strong research background and I used to teach Australian Studies in the USA so that had really fired up my pride in being Australian and all things Australian


We see Founder's Formula as being at the intersection of beauty and wellness. We are certified with CERTCLEAN, a Canadian certification system. Much of what is put on the skin will find its way into the bloodstream, so we aim to not put toxins in our skin care that the body will need to clear. Our approach is to build the skin barrier health, and not to risk damaging it with strong acids. We support and nourish the skin, not stress it. There are four pillars to Founder's Formula - Hydration, Anti-Inflammation, Depigmentation and Pro-Aging.

Our formulas are sophisticated and minimalist and really work. All our ingredients are evidence-based. We are fragrance-free. We use certified organic when we can, but many of our ingredients are wild-harvested. We also preference First Nations suppliers and are actively building out our First Nations supply chain, including a joint venture for our Kakadu Plum.


Honestly, every one loves all our products. That is why we have won 14 international beauty awards, including 7 gold in less than 12 months! Founder's Formula soft launched (thanks to COVID) in March last year. I think we are really the 'quiet achiever'. We started less than 12 months ago with four products and we are gradually fleshing out the range. We now have 10 products and are launching more products and a full Back Bar range later this year.