Hart Skincare

Founded by Hannah McGregor-Shenton


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Hart Skincare is a boutique, handcrafted and conscious skincare brand, focussing on how your skin changes throughout the menstrual cycle due to hormones. Hannah, owner & founder, is committed to sustainable living and her care for the environment is reflected in her work on Hart Skincare products. The thoughts and intentions behind every product shows careful consideration for not only caring for the skin and the environment, but also how the products may support emotionally as well.




Owner & Founder, Hannah began making skincare products at 22 when she felt the pull to take on a more conscious lifestyle, taking more notice of recurring pattens in her skin - how it was constantly changing alongside her hormones and how the same routine wasn’t working from one week to the next. She began researching the impact of hormones on our skin and wondered why this was not widely known? “I felt underrepresented as someone with a menstrual cycle and a desire for simple, effective, products. HS was launched to help others understand how their skin changes throughout the menstrual cycle.”


Hart Skincare is a 100% clean, palm-oil free, vegan & cruelty-free brand with a focus on natural oil-based skincare and the menstrual cycle. All of our products are hand-bottled in Adelaide in small batches using mostly miron violetglass bottles for UV light protection, helping extend the shelf-life of the products. Our packaging is sustainably sourced or recycled where possible. Currently, 10% of profits from the Seed Collection is donated to Share the Dignity, an Australian charity providing menstrual & personal care products to women in need.


Hart Skincare focusses on how the skin changes at each phase of the menstrual cycle. Hannah has developed the Seed Collection, four oil cleansers - one for each menstrual phase (Menstrual, Proliferative, Ovulation, Luteal). For some people this might be a chance to re-connect with the lunar phases, the seasons or this could be connecting with what stage of life you are currently experiencing (maiden, mother, wild woman, wise woman). Each facial cleanser allows you to connect with your body during that particular phase and nourish your skin according to its current state.