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Australia’s premium 100% Natural Certified Organic beauty brand, INIKA Organic, recently unveiled its stunning new look & feel with the addition of a groundbreaking sustainability initiative that hallmarks the brand as certified Plastic Neutral.

This accolade adds to INIKA Organic’s exemplary line up of all-natural and organic accreditations which together, make it the highest certified natural makeup brand in the world.

INIKA Organic’s new look is naturally luxurious matched with the use of high-end, sustainable materials such as aluminium, sugar cane, post-consumer recycled plastic and glass, and is a timely response to the brand’s values - positioning them at the forefront of sustainable beauty.

INIKA Organic has been certified Plastic Neutral by Waste Revolution – Australia’s leading Plastic Neutral Certification body committed to helping organisations measure, reduce and offset their plastic use.

This bold move responds to the need to protect the very source of the finest botanicals and earth-derived minerals used to create the brand’s transparently pure products - our precious planet.


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Our brand began in Sydney in 2006. We wanted a cleaner beauty space free from toxic chemicals - our products had to be pure and bursting with organic ingredients that enhance your natural radiance and support holistic health and wellness. That goal is unwavering to this day. We remain 100% Australian-owned but continue to grow, with physical presence spanning 35 countries.


Aligning with the brand’s Plastic Neutral certification, the move drives a circular economy and offsets INIKA Organic’s plastic footprint through its partnership with Plastic Forests and BlazeAid - two Australian charities committed to regenerating environmentally devastated agribusiness from drought and fires.

This partnership sees INIKA at least five years ahead of other major beauty brands having achieved:

  • New packaging made from 90% sustainable and reused materials

  • Minimised the use of virgin plastic by 84% (from 8.1 to 1.3 tonnes)

  • 4.7 tonnes of plastic collected and repurposed into fire proof fence posts to help rebuild devastated farming communities.

“We have worked tirelessly to achieve these certifications. Where other brands are pledging towards milestones, INIKA debuts action,” said Tony Rechtman, Total Beauty Network Founder and CEO.

Our Products are Certified:

  • 100% Natural - ACO COSMOS Natural certification

  • Certified Organic - ACO COSMOS ORGANIC & OFC Certified Organic

  • Cruelty Free - Choose Cruelty Free Australia & PETA

  • Vegan - The Vegan Society

  • Halal - AFIC Halal Certification

  • Plastic Neutral - Waste Revolution Certified


We’ve taken a modern and natural approach that replaces standard beauty products with something extraordinary. Our hero products include our Loose Mineral Foundation SPF25 - with nourishing and protective properties, this silky smooth formula glides onto skin resulting in a naturally perfected finish. Our Long Lash Mascara elongates lashes in one swipe and has botanical benefits in strengthening and growth of hair fibres.

Our NEW Radiant Glow Veil has been an instant hit - a priming fluid that creates a visible dewy glow on the skin. Our skincare range is 100% natural, certified organic and has the highest percentage of active botanical ingredients (5% - most brands contain 1-2% actives.). These actives nourish, repair and feed the skin at a cellular level, hydrating the skin and reducing the appearance of ageing. Our revolutionary Phytofuse Renew™ demonstrates incredible clinical performance, including 67.7% increase in skin elasticity and firmness in just 28 days.*