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Founded by Jessica Bragdon


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We are a purpose-led brand on a mission to create safe, effective and beautiful products that are both kind to people and the environment. We want to inspire a safer, kinder world, which means that the products will always deliver the strongest possible eco-friendly credentials, be certified non-toxic, plant-based and cruelty free.



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Koala Eco was a pragmatic solution to a personal frustration. We were constantly on the hunt for safe, toxic free cleaning products that were natural, beautiful to use, but would also do the job! We felt our family shouldn’t have to hold their breath in order to avoid absorbing chemicals every time we cleaned the family home. But we couldn’t find what we wanted, so ultimately we thought: why don’t we make our own?

We’re both from entrepreneurial backgrounds, and so being Koala Eco’s first — and therefore possibly most demanding — customers, we had some pretty specific and sophisticated aims in mind. Primarily we wanted something that not only worked flawlessly but also could be misted safely around our children. We wanted to use ingredients derived from nature and sourced locally. Then, aside from the formulas being 100 percent safe and effective, we also wanted our products to look stylish in case we needed them handy around the house for accidental spills, or if we were just too busy to put them away. So we did a lot of research and started working carefully with a local chemist and lab, and the result was Koala Eco, launched in Sydney early in 2017.


Koala Eco uses Australian essential oils, because these, when combined with other non-toxic ingredients like vinegar, plant-based surfactants, sugar-based biodegradable alcohol and bicarbonate soda are just such great alternatives to caustic cleaning products. All our products are natural, biodegradable, plant-based, non-toxic, never tested on animals, grey water and septic safe.

We don't use palm oil, dyes, masking agents, synthetic perfumes, chlorine, bleach, sodium laurel sulphates & phosphates. All bottles are made with 100 percent locally recycled and recyclable materials, so no new plastic is created to house Koala Eco products. All our sales trigger a donation to 1% for the Planet. We are certified non-toxic, vegan certified, Made Safe certifed, allergy certified and Australian Made and Owned.


It’s no secret that Australian essential oils take centre stage in all our eco-friendly, certified non-toxic products. Whether it’s eucalpytus in our Laundry Wash or rosalina in our Natural Hand Wash, each plant-based essential oil has been chosen for a reason.

Our most popular product is the Multipurpose Kitchen Cleaner made with lemon myrtle. Native to regions of Queensland, this essential oil is a quintessentially Australian scent, encompassing the distinctly fresh, evergreen scent Australia has come to be known for. Lemony with a hint of sweetness, lemon myrtle is invigorating, uplifting, and refreshing. We love it for its beautiful scent as well as its antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antimicrobial properties, making lemon myrtle one of our favourite effective essential oils for brightening up the often mundane task of tackling the dishes and cleaning the kitchen.



20% off with "greenedit" for all products excluding "Collections" or "Subscribe & Save"