Less Is More

Founded by Dr Doris Brandhuber & Hannes Trummer


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By focusing on what is essential, Less is More reconciles our needs with those of the wider world.


Our sustainable organic cosmetics meet the requirements of the COSMOS standard and are certified with the COSMOS Organic label. This means that we support small and regional quality manufacturers, who supply us with carefully produced premium raw materials.


A synergy of science, cosmetology and expertise in aromatherapy, our highly effective products are easy to use and deliver outstanding results.


By operating in a socially just, future-oriented and transparent way, we take responsibility for both current and future generations. That’s why we have been a certified B-Corp since 2017. BEAUTIFUL Beauty isn’t an ideal or a target. It’s something we experience with our senses and our hearts. Our organic cosmetics promote beauty through health.


Right from the start, our vision for Less is More has been defined by my deep relationship with the beauty and ingenuity of nature. When we study nature, we discover sophisticated mechanisms and active ingredients that, having been optimised by evolution, combine sustainability and potency with breathtaking beauty. Nature is simultaneously complex and efficient. And this is where we find the inspiration for Less in More products.


DR. DORIS BRANDHUBER, CHEMIST & AROMATHERAPIST Her fascination for creation, transformation and for designs and materials that shape the future led Dr. Doris Brandhuber to study chemistry. As a long-time yoga student with a deep passion for the environment, biomimicry was a natural choice of specialty. This interdisciplinary field systematically generates products with optimised benefits by emulating the structure and functioning of nature. When Less is More was created, it was clear that only the development of her own line of products would be able to live up to her ambition of providing healthy and honest hair cosmetics in the best possible way.

HANNES TRUMMER, HAIRSTYLIST & TRAINER opened a small salon with big ambitions in the centre of Vienna in 2005. The Less is More concept was implemented for the first time in the salon itself. This is expressed, for example, in the highly minimalistic architecture and store design with the client and the client’s mirror image serving as the only decoration. A calm and harmonious atmosphere makes it possible to find space and time to realise the personal taste of the client through an acceptance of the client‘s own style, technical expertise and a fine sense of aesthetics.



B CORP - CERTIFIED B CORPORATION Since 2017, Less is More has been one of the first companies in Austria to receive a B CORP certification. B Corps are certified by the B Lab according to strict standards regarding their performance, their responsibility and their transparency in social as well as environmental aspects.

AS B CORPORATIONS AND LEADERS OF THIS EMERGING ECONOMY, WE BELIEVE: ... that we must be the change we seek in the world. That all business ought to be conducted as if people and place mattered. ... that, through their products, practices, and profits, businesses should aspire to do no harm and benefit all.

Certification: Cosmos Organic, Peta All PET bottles in the Less is More range are being converted to RECYCLED PET (RePET). This is to contribute to a more sustainable use of plastic packaging.


As far as we know Less is More is the only completely certified organic haircare range in the world. Our magic is that every single product has been developed in conjunction with clients in salon.

We have created considered products with the highest efficacy, innovative formulations and handpicked 100% certified organic ingredients.