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Luk Beautifood

Founded by Cindy Luken



Skin Nourishing Makeup. For skin that looks alive and healthy. Our make-up is designed to celebrate and elevate every woman's’ innate natural beauty, to feel alive and nourished by creating a natural look and healthy glow that gives her the energy to be and feel her most radiant self every single day. Made from nutri-active foods, backed by science, always toxin-free, and crafted mindfully and sustainably, we are proudly Australian and female-founded.




Cindy Luken, food scientist, nutritionist, product designer and accomplished entrepreneur created Lük Beautifood to educate women to apply the same diligence with what they put on their skin as the foods they eat after learning traditional lipstick are made from at least 70% synthetic ingredients, many of which are known toxins.

“Every woman has the right to feel and look beautiful without compromising her health or hiding away her innate natural beauty under layers of product,” Cindy says. “I wanted to help women realise that what goes onto their skin, goes within. Even with a Master of Science I couldn’t read the ingredient labels of my cosmetics. I realised it didn’t make sense to carefully avoid toxins in your food, but then apply synthetic dyes to your skin where they’re absorbed in seconds. " In 2008 "I started to formulate my own lipstick range made from delicious and safe food ingredients, in 2010 I launched the Luk Beautifood blog and in 2012 Lip Nourish". Today the brand has sold over 750,000 lippies.


From pioneering the clean beauty movement over a decade over ago, Lük Beautifood remains at the forefront of indie beauty by redefining the meaning of ‘clean’ to now encompass people, planet and product by being:

1. CLEAN: wellbeing is our top priority and we are uncompromising in our standards of health and safety and drive, which allows us to make products that are good enough to eat.

2. CONSCIOUS: we are mindful of our impact on both people and planet and tread thoughtfully on our path towards meeting sustainability goals

3. CREDIBLE: we apply expertise in food and nutrition to a range of chic cosmetics with nutrient active ingredients to deliver maximum quality and efficacy. These are some of our certifications, accreditations and initiatives: 100% Natural origin & zero synthetics, Made in Australia, manufactured under ISO 9000 + GMP, Toxin Free, Terracycle, Green Accredited Power NSW, Cruelty Free, No testing on animals, Vegan offering and we align our definition of sustainability with that of the World Health Organisation to encompass principles for both people and planet.


Lip Nourish™ is award winning clean colour. It a little everyday luxury to nourish and nurture, each swipe is a delicious multi-sensory experience full of intense hydration and addictive culinary tastes and aromatic notes like lime and peppermint for instantly softer, smoother, and healthier glowing lips. Joining the range in the last 18months are 17 new products: 100% natural Lash Nourish Mascara & Instant Glow Complexion Balm Luk Beautifood, Luminizers & Bronzer Drops, Aromatic Skin Nourish for upper body and a swath of Lip treatment products.


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