Luna Beauty Apothecary

Founded by Fay Halkitis


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Luna Beauty & Apothecary offers the unique experience of a combined naturopathic clinic, apothecary, retail and beauty parlour. Our services focus on helping clients achieve healthy skin, but we support anyone who is interested in maintaining good health or simply craves relaxation.


There are so many facets to my journey of Luna! My mum worked as a beauty therapist when I was younger, and this greatly influenced me in terms of my interest in skincare, aromatherapy and rituals. I’ve always been drawn to herbal medicine and had such a positive experience with it growing up. I’ve also had fluctuating skin over the years. I’m thankful for my bouts of acne because I believe it’s made me a more empathetic practitioner. Ultimately, I wanted a bricks and mortar space that was dedicated to naturopathic skin health. I hope that an experience at Luna, be it a treatment, consultation or just shopping, feels safe, effective, meaningful, relaxing and gratifying.


We are super fussy about the ingredients in the products we stock at Luna. We mostly see clients with problematic or sensitive skin, so it’s important we stock products that are suitable and free from potential irritants. For me to consider stocking a brand, I like to look at the ingredients list as a whole. I like every ingredient to serve a purpose. I also look for packaging that is aesthetically pleasing, functional and preferably minimal or recyclable. Overall brand ethos is especially important too. I look for brands who are authentic in their mission. Products are selected based on merit, not trends.


Our most sort after service is The Essential Facial Treatment. It is equal parts thorough and relaxing. It has all the elements of a traditional facial treatment: Double cleanse, exfoliation, massage and masque application, but it is completely customised for each client in terms of the products used. It’s effective, nourishing, and never fails to leave our clients feeling calm and refreshed.