Miod Skincare

Founded by Sonya Turner


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Sustainable, chemical free, cruelty free organic and natural skincare that not only feeds and nourishes the skin but is also fully biodegradable and does not harm the land from which it came. We believe in feeding the skin the nutrients it needs to be in its natural state. One should never compromise their health for their beauty. Natural and organic skincare can be just as effective as conventional skincare or more by combining the right type of ingredients and tailored to the right skin concerns.


Started back in 2013 as s desire to change the beauty market and lead people back to nature. Years of research and hard work to formulate and produce real natural skincare that doesn't contain hidden ingredients.

After a battle with personal health issues and tracing this back to chemicals in both food and skincare I wanted to make a difference so that others did not have to go through the same thing. Our bodies are of a natural root and their longevity depends upon giving them the right stuff, no chemicals, not ingredients that harm it in the long run all in the name of beauty. It just isn't necessary. Seeing the changes in my own skin using only natural and organic products I knew that the word needed to get out and others encouraged to do the same. We need to take care of ourselves and the planet which we live on.


No chemicals, no nasties, no hidden ingredients. Formulated so that our products are biodegradable. Each ingredient has been carefully researched to trace its origins, how it was extracted, where their any chemicals used, etc.

We have sourced ingredients that meet these standards. They are not extracted with chemicals, they are biodegradable and the do not harm the land from which they came. They are bioactive, they feed the skin and through this can help transform it health. The process with which we make our products has little no footprint on this earth. They are made in a self contained lab that has been built to use very little to no electricity to maintain. They are small batched to ensure their pureness and potency and to be of the highest standards.


Our magic lies in the effectiveness of the products we make. Our hero products are our Australian Native Vitamin C Serum that uses the best that nature has to offer. We utilise an array of bioactive extracts of Australian Native Flora and Fauna that are packed with Vitamin C to protect, nourish and feed the skin. Our other ones include our moisturisers. Each one has been carefully formulated to address a certain skin condition such as dry/mature, oily, sensitive and one that offers excellent protection against harmful environmental factors.

Our magic is in the ingredients we use. Each extract is bioactive and extracted through a cold process that gives one the full nutrient profile of the plant from which it came. These extracts over time effectively address the conditions that they are targeted for and help bring ones skin back to health.