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Pythia creates ritualistic skincare for the modern mystic. It was created to offer natural skincare that vibrational aligns with your highest self. All of our products are thoughtful handmade in small batches and every bottle is infused with reiki, sound healing, crystal energy, and intention. Skincare is something that is designed to nourish the face and body, whereas Pythia goes a step further to deeply nourish your spirit and energetic vibration.

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I've always identified as a witch, I understand my inner power, I work with herbs, oils, and the bounty nature offers us, and I'm a tarot reader. I had been creating high vibration body oils for my family and I felt called to create Zodiac Oils to honour each sign and Pythia was born. I feel like the brand chose its name. I had played with so many ideas but I couldn't shake Pythia. Pythia dates back to the times of Apollo, it was a role of a woman hired by priests who would act as a link between the gods and humans, similar to to Oracle.


Pythia is created with totally natural ingredients, nothing artificial goes into our products, even our preservatives are natural skin-beneficial ingredients. Each bottle is hand-blended so we know exactly what goes into it and what doesn't. Skincare is food for your skin so working with synthetic ingredients goes against our ethos in life, not just our brand.


Our Zodiac Oils have been our biggest sellers, I think having something personalised to your zodiac traits has been really popular because not only is the oil created for the sign but each sign has its own mantra to recite while using the oil. Magic is a big part of what goes into Pythia products, it really feels like they are birthed into the world with their own intentions to do their own work and I am merely doing what they tell me to do.