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At Rinascentia® Skin Care, our luxurious formulas combine old wisdom, nature and science to create products that leave you feeling ‘reborn’. Our mission is to naturally repair, strengthen and hydrate your skin, leaving you looking and feeling radiant.

Our founder and skincare expert, Rina, believes it is with these powerful intentions and potent ingredients that women experience their true essence, the alchemy that leads them to feel like an Empress; confident, beautiful and free. Discover a whole new experience when it comes to self care with our sustainable, natural and non-toxic, award winning skincare range.




Rinascentia®, is not just a skincare brand, it is a personal journey. Our founder, Rina, grew up with dermatitis and watched her skin go through severe highs and lows. She then saw her three beautiful children also suffer from the same problems. Something sparked in Rina, pushing her to start researching and creating her own solutions. She became passionate in her pursuit of studying and making all-natural products to help her families skin, earning her the name of the Cosmetic Alchemist. This dedication to helping her loved one’s grew into a bigger dream, and the Rinascentia® brand was born.


At Rinascentia® there is no shortage of caring for the environment, we proudly support sustainability, animal welfare and the toxic free beauty industry. A few things we do as a brand include, using compostable mailers, sourcing ethical accredited ingredients with no plastics and no animal testing, as well as using Australian made local and organic produce.

Not only do we care for the greater environment, but we care for the wellbeing of our customers. We use all natural ingredients, from home grown herbs to organic essential oils, everything is nice to the environment and even nicer to your skin.


Today, Rinascentia® has a wide portfolio of signature products that aim to breathe new life into the industry. What makes Rinascentia® so magical is that every product is carefully curated by the ‘Cosmetic Alchemist’, Rina, herself. However, a true stand out product, is the award winning Plane Jane® Hydrating Serum. Originally created for a Sydney based flight attendant named Jane, this product has now grown to become a favourite of frequent flyers and makeup artists worldwide. Each powerful ingredient combines to hydrate, boost skin elasticity and minimise wrinkles, all while soothing and cooling the skin. And it’s absolutely 100% natural.