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Serene Body Health

Founded by Nina Hargrave



Serene Body Health is a beauty, wellness and lifestyle brand. Our mission is to encourage daily practices and rituals of self-care, balanced with modern life through the power of scent. We create products that are healthy, natural, ethical and sustainable, while feeling luxurious and special on the body and awakening the olfactory system in the brain. Our passion explores the beauty of balancing aromas, creating inspiring scents that have the power to shift moods, support emotional health, helping to empower people.




The beautiful balance of self care with modern life Since the dawn of civilisation, humans have blended oils from aromatic plants as a form of self-care - to improve our health, focus our minds, and bring emotional balance. Their therapeutic benefits helped me, like many of you, find the harmony to get through some of the toughest struggles of my life. But in those hard times, I also found release in the creativity of learning how to blend oils.

The beauty of balancing oils and creating inspiring blends that support particular moments, occasions emotions or moods, for me mirrors the daily balancing act of modern life. Finding the right combinations of love, work, fun, family, self care and good health and blending them together in a daily dose works beautifully or more easily some days and as we all know, is a little harder on other days. These are the days when a bit of extra support comes in handy. As I explored further, I wondered whether we could reimagine essential oils to make them more flexible to use throughout more of our day, whenever and wherever we needed them. That thought sparked a mission that has become the heart of Serene’s brand: the beautiful balance of self-care with modern life.


Our perfume oils are made in small batches In Melbourne and we use Australian suppliers for all of our packaging except for our glass bottles. We try and support local and Australian businesses as much as we can and we make sure all of our product and packaging can be recycled. We are now offering a refill service to our online customers and we send all of our online orders out in brown carboard boxes.


We use the highest quality essential oils, resins and absolutes that we can find and we try and use interesting ingredient that may not have been used in perfumery before, such as turmeric essential oil, found in our Gold Earth perfume oil.

We love our connection to nature and to the Australian landscape, which is why we've use Australian Buddha wood and Boronia essential oil in our Red Desert perfume oil. We like to challenge the idea of scent and perfumery by offering healthy, chemical free fragrance that can be used as a supportive tool, encouraging a connection to self through scent using breath and mindfulness practices.


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