The Aruem

Founded by Clara Nangoy


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The Aruem's collection of sustainable, botanical perfumes serve as a gentle invitation to look within - a daily mindful ritual. Each skin-nourishing perfume is intentionally designed to encourage a calm moment to pause, even on your busiest days. With full transparency and nothing to hide, our perfumes are formulated using certified organic and pure plant materials which are good for you and the planet.

The name Aruem itself is a blend of two significant ideas—the Indonesian word Harum (beautiful fragrance) and the Japanese word Arumi (kindness). Blended together, the two words became Aruem, meaning a fragrant heart. Our vision through bringing these ideas together was to emphasize the importance of being kind and to encourage others to find beauty in its purest form, which begins from within. Because a kind heart has a beautiful fragrance—regardless of race, age or appearance.




It all started from my childhood fascination with the world of perfumes and the experience they provide. When I was little, I used to love being in my grandmother's room, looking at all her beautiful little trinkets and the mesmerising bottles on her vanity. Later in life, every time I catch a whiff of a perfume that my grandmother used to wear, I would suddenly be transported to that magical time in childhood, back in the familiar safety of her room.

This eventually led to a decade-long hobby of collecting numerous perfumes, up until I became pregnant with my first child. As I was researching different ways to stay as healthy as I could during pregnancy, I was shocked to learn of the harmful effects that conventional perfumes could bring, so I began studying into natural perfumery and aromatherapy instead. A few years later, armed with the knowledge and personal experience of the powerful healing properties of botanicals, The Aruem was born: a curated collection of clean and cruelty-free vegan perfumes for the conscious consumer.


We believe that wellness through being kind to yourself is a holistic endeavour. It extends to all aspects of your lifestyle: your mindset, your movements/exercise, the food you eat, and the products you choose to put on your skin. In order to be the best version of yourself, all these aspects have to be in balance. This is why we are committed to use only organic natural ingredients that are sustainably derived, vegan-friendly and cruelty-free.

We also use pure-therapeutic grade essential oils in our fragrance blends, which are chosen not only for their scent characters, but also for their individual healing properties. It is our mission to honour your body and our planet, whilst also making a positive difference wherever we can. Our perfumes contain over 80% certified organic ingredients and are packaged in recyclable and compostable materials. Every order contributes to trees being planted in areas of need, and 5% from our monthly revenue is given back to charities supporting women and children around the world.


We practice slow perfumery, which means our perfumes are mindfully handcrafted in small batches, with a slower ageing process. This traditional approach not only ensures the highest quality and freshness for each blend, it also allows each perfume to develop into a seamless, well-rounded fragrance with its own distinctive character.

All Aruem perfumes have been designed to be worn on its own, or layered to complement each other. Our best-selling perfume SOLANDIS has been much loved from the day we launched. It's an emotive and captivating scent, which contains notes of Bulgarian Rose, night-blooming Jasmine and calming Chamomile. With its mellow woody undertones, this skin-loving natural fragrance is perfect to complement your daily rituals, or anytime you crave that comforting moment of calm in your day.