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Founded by Sinead Roberts and Sioned Guard


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Wotnot came to life as a direct result of listening to our customers. Our community is the driving force behind everything we do and we collaborate with them to create products from the wonders of nature. Choosing natural and organic products doesn't mean you need to compromise on performance.

We are constantly pushing the boundaries of what's possible, relentlessly testing our products to ensure they outperform all conventional alternatives. Creating a new benchmark for natural and organic skincare.


Wotnot is the story of an accidental brand. Having children changed our lives. It also made us think about how we could make positive changes to the world they would inherit. So in 2004, we decided to introduce the world’s first environmentally-friendly disposable MOLTEX Nappy to Australia. The nappies gained a cult following around Byron Bay, and beyond. Our new community loved the quality and eco credentials of our nappies and were quick to ask for complementary all-natural baby, beauty and sun care products. When we couldn’t find exactly what they needed, anywhere in the world, we decided to take a leap of faith and collaborate with them to make these unique products together. And so Wotnot was born.



Skin is a carrier, not a barrier. The body doesn't know what to do with foreign substances so it dumps them in fat cells where they accumulate across a lifetime. This can manifest in unpredictable ailments from reactions to allergies, and developmental disorders to cancer. Turning back to nature and all it provides is essential for our long term health.

We also need to protect our planet. We passionately believe that the world doesn’t need more products, it needs better ones. And we need to be smart in the way we package these. All our sun, tanning and baby skincare packaging is sustainably made - using recycled materials and is recyclable. We are also continually evolving to minimise our impact on the environment by working with Carbon Neutral to measure, reduce and offset greenhouse gas emissions. Every year, Wotnot assists with the planting of trees in deforested areas.


Our community have always been at the heart of our product innovation, challenging what's possible with natural skincare. This means that every product not only delivers on performance and purpose, they do so much more. Our baby sunscreen helps heal eczema, our face sunscreen contains organic plant collagen proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and the tinted version even performs like a mineral make-up and is a real bad-ass hybrid, our tan lotion is deeply nourishing leaving your skin silky smooth and the 3-in-1 baby range means you buy less and buy better.