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Angove Family Winemakers

Founded by Dr William Thomas Angove in 1886



Established in 1886 Angove Family Winemakers is one of the oldest family owned and operated wine companies in Australia - a statement in sustainability in itself. With 5 generations of involvement and an expectation of many more, together with continuous operation at the Renmark Winery site since 1910 there is a strongly held belief that all activities undertaken must be sustainable now and into the future.

Protecting the environment and conserving the natural resources, whilst still ensuring we grow the highest quality grapes and craft the best wine possible is at the core of all Angove Family Winemakers activities.


2021 marks the 15th anniversary of Angove Family Winemakers farming and making wine under organic certification with 100% of our vineyards Certified Organic - a rigorously monitored farming type, which enables the brand to carry the highly sought after Australian Certified Organic Bud logo.

The multi award winning Angove Organic range are wines crafted from premium South Australian organic vineyards. At no stage during the grape growing or winemaking processes have they used any synthetic chemicals or non-organic inputs. These are wines as nature intended - pure and clean - crafted with the gentlest touch from the winemaking team.


Angove Family Winemakers actively support and are involved in the development of environmental policies and initiatives for the Australian Wine Industry through being a founding member of the Wine Industry Sector Agreement on Climate Change and Greenhouse Gas reduction.

In each area of our operations Angove Family Winemakers is focused on undertaking real actions and investment to positively benefit the Environment while investigating future opportunities and strategies to measure the overall business impact. With 480 hectares of company owned Vineyard Certified Organic a massive overall reduction in synthetic chemical and tractor use. Our committment to the enviroments extends from every aspect of farming through - power, water, right through to packaging of our products.

Angove Family Winemakers is a member of the National Packaging Covenant and has a strong commitment to recycling of all packaging materials including glass, cardboard, paper, plastics and label backings with systems are in place to ensure efficient handling and collection of all items for recycling. Introduction of light weight bottles that use 40% less glass and deliver a reduction of CO2 per bottle of more than 15% on certain lines.


Angove Organic Achievements

• 2021 marks the 15th anniversary of Angove Family Winemakers farming and making wine under organic certification.

• The 400ha Nanya Vineyard is now entirely farmed organically making it one of the largest organic vineyards in the world, currently 258ha are planted to vines with expansion happening each year.

• The 14ha historic Warboys Vineyard in McLaren Vale has been managed Organically & Biodynamically from date of purchase in 2008 and is fully certified Organic and Biodynamic.

• The use of Indian Runner ducks rather than pesticides in Warboys Vineyard to control snails.

• Specially designed under vine mowers, built and modified by the brand’s engineering department, are used for weed control which is one of the hardest parts of farming organically.

• Farming organically and using extensive undervine mulching has reduced irrigation requirements significantly. • Angove is certified to Australian, USDA (United States), Canadian, EU and Chinese Standards, one of only a handful of wineries to cover all the major markets in the world.

• Angove Organics is the market leading organic brand in Australia.


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