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Sustainable Paws 
 Eco Friendly Pet Toys

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Eco friendly pet toys are lovingly handcrafted by Chloe who is 10 years old.


​ Sustainable Paws

  • Sustainable + Biodegradable

  • Made From 100% Recycled Textiles

  • Plastic-free

  • Size Small, Medium, Large Available


This space was created for Chloe to share her high quality sustainable dog toys by Cathy, her proud mum and founder of The Green Edit.

Chloe is 10 years old and loves her beautiful dog Mocha, so she created a non toxic, fun and biodegradable dog toy especially for him. She tried and tested various techniques and styles and then, refined a special technique to make them very long-lasting and durable.


Chloe did not want to create a product that would further add to landfill, so with the help of her mum she sourced a special rope from a factory that saves dead-stock textiles from landfill. Using an innovative process these textiles are broken down into combed cotton fibres, where similar colours are then blended and re-spun to create unique shades of rope without any need for further dyes or water. The result is a beautiful strong rope from 100% regenerated cotton.


Mocha absolutely loved the new handmade dog toy Chloe had made him, he chewed on his toy for hours a day and it wasn't long until word got out about these fun and eco friendly dog toys, she now has many loyal and happy customers 🐕

Thank you for joining her on her first business journey as she saves for her very own pony.


Puppy Love

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