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Beauty Breakfast Summit 

16 March 2023
8am - 12:30pm
12 - Micron, Sydney

Join us for a beautiful breakfast together with other beauty brand founders for a morning of connection, inspiration and insight.


Gain knowledge from three curated industry panels featuring key media, retailer and industry experts on the trends and insights that are influencing the clean beauty industry in 2023.

Beauty Breakfast Summit Ticket

Meet Our Summit Speakers

The Green Edit Beauty Breakfast Summit brings together 14 of Australia's leading industry experts in retail, media and business.


Join us as they share key insights and strategies that empower beauty and lifestyle brands to stand out, have impact, increase brand awareness, safeguard and scale their business to create and optimise promotional, distribution and retail opportunities. 

Summit Curator + Speaker


Cathy Tolpigin

The Green Edit

Summit MC + Speaker

AR_1 2.jpg

Alison Rice


The Beauty Breakfast Summit was created by Cathy Tolpigin, founder of The Green Edit as a direct response to meet the needs of beauty brand founders and their teams. This elevated, niche and deep event featuring Australia's key beauty and business industry experts is designed to inspire and educate and also provides the perfect opportunity for brand founders to connect with like-minded professionals from across the industry.


Alison Rice is one of Australia's most in-demand conscious career, business and leadership coaches. To set the tone for our morning together, Alison will be offering some powerful words of wisdom and encouragement around the topic of what it means to build something that means something, and how to navigate feelings of fear, hopelessness and defeat. 

Media Experts

Elle Halliwell - The Australian_edited.jpg

Elle Halliwell

The Australian

Elise Wilson - Are Media_edited.jpg

Elise Wilson

Are Media

Sally Hunwick - Marie Claire_edited.jpg

Sally Hunwick

Marie Claire


Danielle Gay

Gritty Pretty

Visibility and a voice is key to media cut-through. Influential beauty editors from both print and digital media share insights on how to gain that elusive media cut-through. Specifically what gets them curious and excited when seeking beauty products to feature.

Retail Experts

Erin Hawkins - Nourished_edited.jpg

Erin Hawkin

Nourished Netherlands

Erin Norden.jpg

Erin Norden

Clean Beauty Market

Elysha Sullivan.png

Elysha Sullivan

Sephora Australia

Elizabeth Roberts - RIISE SHop_edited.jpg

Elizabeth Roberts


Gaining the attention of buyers is a key challenge for any brand looking to grow their distribution. Gain valuable insights from decision making beauty buyers about what they look for and how to stand out from the pack.

Industry Experts

Accompany Group

Linda Jukic

Linda Jukic.png

Buttr Marketing

Thomas Moult



Francine Kinkade

Francine Kinkade.png

Active Pharma Group

Mikko Helle

Mikko Helle__.PNG

Panelists share key business and industry insights relevant to beauty brands. 

Cathy Tolpigin founder of The Green Edit will moderate the Industry Experts panel to explore the insights and trends that influence your beauty and wellness brand in 2023. 


We will hear from Will Kepreotes, co-founder of Buttr an elevated UGC marketing agency on how to navigate the ever changing landscape of social media, insights about creating content that stands out in the sea of sameness whilst achieving profitable growth without compromising on your brand’s look and feel.


Francine Kinkade, Special Council at Maddocks will speak to the importance of safeguarding what makes your brand unique and why legal support is valuable for many aspects of your business from founder exits, company mergers, takeovers, disputes with manufacturers, employees, customers, formulators, suppliers, as well as intellectual property issues, marketing claims and more.


Mikko Helle, representative of Activ Pharmaceuticals Group, which services brands in the production of cosmeceuticals, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals and packaging, will impart key knowledge and best practices when working with formulation and packaging suppliers to create the highest quality formulation, whilst ensuring the most advanced sustainable packaging solutions are utilised. 

Brand + Design Strategy Speaker

Linda Jukic  is the founder of Accompany, the award winning Brand and Design studio based in Sydney. With over 20 years experience in brand strategy, visual and verbal identity, Linda will speak of the importance of developing a strong brand for your business and how distinctive branding can give you an advantage in the market.

Our Event Partners

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