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Founded By Georgia Nides


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Zoii is a place lovers of the healthy, active life can come to find new ways to embrace their lifestyle passion whether it’s with a course, community event, discovering and experiencing a new product or the latest healthy café or studio to open in their local area and connect with others that value the same thing they do. We also have a business support hub which enables businesses within the industry to connect with one each other as well as the latest industry developments and events, and self-share their latest piece of business news, upcoming event or a job opportunity within their business for immediate exposure.


As someone who was time poor and has always valued a healthy way of life I struggled to find one central source of information that could keep me up to date with the latest and greatest happening in the world of health and wellness. At the same time I saw many businesses in the wellness industry struggle to get the exposure and connections they needed to survive and thrive and stay on top of the latest industry developments so I wanted to create something that solved all of these problems.


Good health and wellbeing fuels happiness and enables people to get more out of life. Every day I gain so much joy from supporting businesses in an industry that provides the gift of health and wellbeing, whilst also making it easier for consumers to lead healthier, more active lives.


Connecting. I love that through what we’ve created we bring people together. Whether it’s business to business, consumer to business, or consumer to consumer. So many connections- personal and business- have been formed as a result of Zoii’s creation. Every day, I’m grateful that we get to serve and support people in this way.

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