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Alex Wilson

Founder of Heartwood Natural Harmony


Alex Wilson Invites Us To Heartwood, A Heavenly Hybrid Of Indian Sandalwood, Clean Beauty Brands And Wellness Experiences.



Today’s guest is Alex Wilson, the founder of Heartwood and she shares shares her journey to creating the ultimate clean beauty store located in Western Australia.

Heartwood is a beautiful haven, to serenade your senses with an intoxicating blend of spa treatments, niche natural products and a perfume bar where you can create your very own bespoke natural fragrance.

Additionally, Alex’s family are pioneers of Indian sandalwood which is sustainably grown on farms across the far north of Australia.

Alex developed a fascination with this fragrant and beautiful wood at an early age and in recent years, she began exploring how to bring the traditional uses of Indian sandalwood as a therapeutic ingredient to a modern audience.

However, on the verge of launching Heartwood, Alex was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and was forced to put her vision on hold. After many complications, months and long days in hospital, she realised that despite everything… life offers moments of joy.

And bringing to life Heartwood had taken on a deeper, more personal meaning and it became her mission to bring a little moment of joy to everyone who walks through the Heartwood doors.

Her goal is to leave your inspired, brimming with knowledge and feeling beautiful. Whether it’s a spa treatment, a new beauty ritual, an amazing scent, or just a good chat, she hopes to help you embrace and appreciate the very best of what nature has to give.

We hope you love this heartwarming and inspiring episode, we actually continued our chat offline and I am excited to announce that Alex will join our expert judging panel for The Best of The Green Edit awards in 2023. An amazing opportunity for beauty brands participating in the award to have Alex and her team try their products.

  • Best piece of beauty or wellness advice you can share - Put your shoulders back - in every situation. Beauty is all about confidence and having your shoulders back is symbolic of being proud and ready for anything.

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