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Evolutionary Fragrance | Discover the Tulita Universe Created by Lucy Bradshaw

Lucy Bradshaw - Founder Of Tulita


Today’s guest is Lucy Bradshaw, founder of Tulita, an evolutionary fragrance brand which has set a new benchmark in luxury, ethical, and sustainable fragrance.



Lucy has 16 years experience working around the world strategising, developing and creating products for some of the best known luxury beauty brands from YSL, Prada, Ralph Lauren and Giorgio Armani to name a few.  

After 7 years in Paris, Lucy returned home to Australia where she continued her work in the beauty industry whilst also training as a Yoga Teacher and Chakra healer.  

Lucy saw a clear gap in the fragrance market; and with her unique fusion of expertise she was inspired to create Tulita, a 100% natural, wellness fragrance. 

In creating Tulita, Lucy is a passionate pioneer in the Blue Beauty movement, surpassing clean and green practices with an unwavering dedication to sustainability and transparency - setting a new standard in the fragrance industry..

I was honoured to have early access to all three fragrances in the Tulita range ahead of their January 2024 launch.  And I was thrilled to have found my favourite signature scent.  And Lucy would love to offer The Green Edit community two special offers which I will include in the show notes so that you can experience Tulita for yourself . 

I can truly say that Tulita is “Evolutionary” not just in its energy but in what it means for the fragrance category as a whole – Lucy is at the forefront of a fragrance revolution.

• What is the last product you purchased? Sodashi Serum 21

• What’s been your best beauty discovery this year? Dry Body Brushing

• What is your desert island skincare product? Ipsum Skin Lip Oil Balm

• What is the professional treatment you swear by? Hydro Facial

• What is the best piece of beauty or wellness advice you can share? Gua Sha daily incorporating breath-work.

Lucy would love to offer The Green Edit community a special offer using code 'tulitalovesthegreenedit' to receive a gifted Gua Sha handle with every 50ml purchase valued at $60.  Lucy will also include free shipping on the Discovery Kit using code MUKTA-SHIPPING.

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