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Alison Rice

Founder of Offline


Offline’s Alison Rice on Building a Career That Truly Aligns With Your Values



Alison Rice, is the founder of Offline and a personal mentor of mine — who has actually played an integral role in the shaping of The Green Edit.

Alison is also an award-winning leader, mentor and conscious career coach, drawing from her experience while working as the Group Publisher at Allure Media for over six years.

Offline started as a podcast in 2018 and 100 episodes later has expanded to become a bit of a movement, functioning as a resource for those seeking conscious professional development and the opportunity to explore their purpose and unique talents.

In addition to the podcast, Alison has also created an online Self Study development course which I completed in 2020, and still go back and reference.

And earlier this year she launched Off- a conscious professional development space, the kind that doesn’t ask you to sacrifice your wellbeing, and time with your loved ones in the pursuit of success.

Enrolments are now open for the next quarter

Having worked alone in my business for the last 3 years, I am so grateful to be part of Alison’s conscious and supportive community in OFF, it is so unique, there is nothing quite like it.

Off provides an incredible opportunity to access Alison and her team’s knowledge, experience, support and to receive actionable business advice in real time.

Additionally as a sole business owner it is wonderful to have a positive and welcoming space to connect with like minded co-creators for additional inspiration and support.

If you are seeking to align your professional self to your unique essence, discover new passions or create and lead consciously, this episode and community is for you, I hope you will join us.

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You can follow Alison Rice @alisonlarsonrice @getoffline on Instagram


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Thanks so much for listening and for being a part of our conscious community, we are thrilled to have you!


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