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Nina Hargrave Founder of Serene Body Health On Why Essential Oils Are An Essential Self-care Tool For Modern Life

Nina Hargrave - Founder of Serene Body Health


Why Essential Oils Are An Essential Self-care Tool For Modern Life




On this episode of the podcast, I have the pleasure of speaking with Nina Hargrave, founder of Serene Body Health.

Nina on a mission is to encourage daily practices and rituals of self-care through the power of scent. 

And I personally love to incorporate  her range of holistic blends into my daily practices.

Serene Body Health is a brand with strong integrity and a dedication to formulating products with incredibly high quality ingredients and with the utmost transparency. 

As Nina and I both have teenage boys, we unpacked the current cologne trend hitting our tweens and teens and she shared valuable insights about synthetic fragrance for us to be mindful of.  

Nina’s biggest inspiration comes from nature, she has a deep fascination and appreciation of plants and their health benefits and is on a mission to encourage us all to take mindful moments each and everyday.

• What is the last product you purchased? Skintuative Copper Peptide Serum

• What’s been your best beauty discovery this year? Beauty sleep and getting enough rest.

• What is your desert island skincare product? Avocado Zinc tinted lip and cheek balm with spf and Eco Tan Face Tan Water

• What is the professional treatment you swear by? Skin Needling

• What is the best piece of beauty or wellness advice you can share? Plenty of sleep and Magnesium - both injestable and topical.

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