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Auricle Ear Seeds

Founded by Elle Biasotto


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Auricle Ear Seeds is founded on the philosophy that a centred mind, gentle touch and holistic self-care are the keystones of optimal health and happiness. Born among the sun and waves of Australia's wellness mecca, Bondi Beach, Auricle has invoked the ancient art of auricular reading and healing to create a range of ear seeds with a modern, chic aesthetic.

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Auricle founder Elle Halliwell, whose interest in auriculotherapy (ear acupressure) began in 2016 while pregnant with her first child, founded Auricle Ear Seeds with the desire to offer people a gentle alternative to traditional pain relief which could be applied easily at home. “Acupressure was a saving grace for me in my first trimester, as I found it really effective for nausea and headaches,” Elle said.

“Having battled generalised anxiety disorder since my late teens I have also found auriculotherapy incredibly beneficial for reducing symptoms of stress and anxiety.” The former fashion editor, author and health coach, who received a blood cancer diagnosis just before her pregnancy news, says the modality of auriculotherapy has been well researched and studies have shown it may alleviate issues such as insomnia (Wang 2013), cravings and addiction, stress and anxiety, energy imbalance and fatigue, weight management (Yeo et al 2013), allergies (Lee, Park 2018), sciatica, headaches and back pain.

“Our health is a delicate balance between our minds, bodies and spirits,” Elle explained. “If one of these elements is out of kilter it can impact all areas of our wellbeing, so it’s really important that we regularly pause and tune into our bodies and minds so we can understand what they need.


Our packaging is 95% recyclable and we donate a portion of monthly sales to The Nature Conservancy to help preserve our beautiful ecosystem.


Auricle ear seeds offer both stimulating and warming 24k gold plated seeds, and sedating and cooling silver-plated varieties, with each pack containing a detailed application guide, cleansing wipes and five healing protocols.

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