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Clean Beauty Market Founder Erin Norden On Business, Facials And Desert Island Beauty

Erin is the owner and founder of Clean Beauty Market, professional makeup artist and clean beauty advocate. Clean Beauty Market is Australia’s leading online clean beauty destination, home to over 50 of the world’s most sought after high performance clean beauty brands.

Since opening Clean Beauty Market in 2017, Erin has appeared in and contributed for publications such as Marie Claire, Elle, WHO, Body & Soul, The Daily Mail, The Sunday Mail, The Gold Coast Bulletin, Cosmopolitan and more.

Erin, having tried and tested hundreds of products, is an expert in all things clean beauty, and is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to seeking out the very best.

Keep reading for the interview.


Having worked as a makeup artist for 15 years using mainstream brands, what inspired you to switch over to clean alternatives? Have you had much feedback from clients?

At the beginning of my professional journey, I did search for products that were formulated with natural ingredients and offered a bit more in terms of skin health. I didn't have much luck though in comparison to the performance of mainstream brands. But slowly, more amazing, cleaner products started to pop up.

I've always been aware of the link between the food I eat and my overall wellbeing, so it made sense for me to consider what I am also putting on my body. The regulation of the beauty industry is so different from country to country, and it raises the importance of individual research. I think we all need to make our own decisions when it comes to the products we use.


Clean Beauty Market is a go-to destination for natural makeup, skincare, wellness products and beauty therapy services. What do you look for when curating brands?

We look for ingredients that are high quality, high performance and with no known safety concerns. Brands considered also must be cruelty free and environmentally conscious. It’s hard to put into words what makes a brand a good fit, sometimes I just have a strong gut feeling it will resonate with our community and complement our offering. In the beginning, I chose brands that I liked and what I thought people would want. I still do, but I'm not guessing anymore. I'm very much led by our customers and based on what performs well in our store.


We loved having you as a judge for The Best Of The Green Edit Awards. Were there any products that you hadn’t previously tried that you discovered and loved throughout the process?

Yes! I think I had just become aware of the lovely Optima Nutricosmetics brand, so was delighted to try the Ultimate Skin Food Elixir as part of my judging role. It’s a really outstanding wellness product I think most people would benefit from. The feedback we get from our customers in relation to digestion, clear skin and hair growth has been amazing.


What would be the top five most purchased products at Clean Beauty Market?

Serums, liquid foundation, cleansers, lipsticks and shampoo/conditioner.

What about your beauty service offering? What's popular with your clients at the moment?

Clients are definitely looking for results when it comes to facial treatments, and also a holistic approach when considering skin health. We’re really proud to provide this. Our most popular treatment is the Signature Facial: a one hour customised treatment. We choose steps and products based on the client's skin, lifestyle and other requirements. Our facials are a lovely fusion of results and relaxation. Most people who come to us want their skin tone to be a little brighter. We can achieve that in one treatment with our amazing range of skincare, plus add-ons like hydromicrodermabrasion, oxygen infusion and LED light therapy.


Desert island scenario… which four products from Clean Beauty Market would you take and why?

Always a tricky question! At the moment, it would be...

* Holifrog Omega Gel Wash to cleanse

* Lil Fox Maracuja Oil

* Ao Elemental Sunscreen as my day cream

* Kjaer Weis Invisible Touch Liquid Foundation.


Clean Beauty Market 1/53 James Street Burleigh Heads QLD



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