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Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics

Founded by Ere Perez


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We are the alchemy of Australia’s bountiful nature & eco lifestyle, with a dash of rich Mexican colour & vibrant culture. Our mission is to inspire you to make more conscious lifestyle choices for your health and the planet. By creating clean & nutritive collections based on sustainable principles, we are the natural ‘guilt-free’ choice in beauty.

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Everyone who meets Ere agrees there is something special about her. A childhood spent in Mexico with a traditional medicine man grandfather & her mother’s flair for home remedies & beauty recipes, made Ere curious about nature & healing. She obtained a bachelor in nutrition, & certification in naturopathy, Bach flowers & acupuncture. Ere emigrated to Australia, and in 2002 her dream of her own natural beauty line was realised & Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics was born. For Ere, natural beauty is about how you live your life, how you connect with the world & how you nourish your body — inside & out.


Certified carbon neutral, offsetting our carbon from all elements of production to contribute to positive sustainable initiatives. Even our shipping is carbon neutral!

Signatories of the UN Global Compact. Committed to corporate sustainability principles regarding human rights, labour, environment & anti-corruption.

Products & ingredients in our formulations are are not tested on animals. We're certified cruelty free by PETA, and Choose Cruelty Free Australia.

Our ingredients do not come from GMO sources.

We choose ingredients widely available, avoiding ingredients that are rare or under threat from over-production. Creating formulas rich in plant-based skin nutrition but free from unwanted harsh chemicals.


We are beauty with a heart and a conscience. Our approach to a new kind of beauty honouring the health & wellness of people and the planet. We strive for ingredient dignity, ethical business, sustainable solutions, diversity & inclusivity, kindness & care across all we do. We encourage consuming less and consuming quality. We are all about minimal, fuss-free beauty and creating things that last.

Natural Almond Mascaras (where it all started in 2002!)

Carrot Colour Pots (2022 Green Edit Winner)

Oat Milk Foundations (cult fave)

Moringa All-beauty Créme (constant best seller)

Zero-waste products - Coco Crayons, Acai Pencils, Jojoba Pencils.

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