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Luna Beauty Apothecary Founder Fay Halkitis On Bespoke Botanical Beauty

Luna Beauty & Apothecary founder Fay Halkitis is a big believer in the healing benefit of regular facial treatments. It’s this belief, plus the addition of evidence-based nutrition and lifestyle modifications, that make up the heart of her practice.

Having spent two years working in London, Halkitis has experienced a whole world of natural skincare that’s yet to reach Australia. She’s also a qualified Naturopath, so believes education is key when it comes to helping clients make informed decisions about their health.This, combined with her experience as an Aesop Facial Therapist, was the impetus for Halkitis to launch Luna Beauty & Apothecary, a Surry Hills-based holistic wellness clinic.

Keep reading for Halkitis’ story, her favourite treatments and the clean beauty products she swears by.


As a qualified Naturopath and Beauty Therapist, you have a unique range of qualifications that inform your work at Luna Beauty Apothecary. Tell us about your work there?

In my experience, healthy skin really does need to be approached both internally and externally. Finding the right topical products can make a huge difference, but topical care will only take you so far if your skin concerns are stemming from hormone imbalance or digestive issues. We have so many healing herbs at our fingertips and food truly is medicine! Interestingly, I rarely target my treatment protocols at skin specifically, I always aim to find the underlying causative factors and work from there. This approach is best for long term results but requires a little more patience and commitment.


What are the benefits of a bespoke facial as opposed to using the same products and treatments across the board?

I like to sit down and ask a lot of questions before a client’s first facial! It’s important for me to get to know how their skin has been feeling, what they’ve been using, main concerns and even a mini history. The facial itself is unique in that there aren’t five or even ten different options, which is commonplace in most salons. Firstly, it can be difficult for the client to know what they need and secondly, most clients have multiple concerns, so being boxed into a specific treatment might not cater to everything they need or want. Our main facial option follows the scaffolding of a traditional facial with double cleanse, exfoliation (if appropriate), massage and masque application. However, we pick and choose the products. This allows complete customisation for what the client needs on the day!


What are the five most used beauty products in your treatments?

Alyssum Alchemy: We begin and end every treatment with inhalations using these oils. We also use the Meditation or Dream Mist

Wildcrafted Organics Neroli Cleansing Oil: The perfect first cleanse for all skin types. I often reach for this product as it’s brilliant at removing makeup and sunscreen. The aroma is also super relaxing.

Josh Rosebrook Active Enzyme Exfoliator: I’ve been using this scrub in my treatments since day one and I’m still in awe of the results! Instantly smooth skin.

Dr Alkaitis Nourishing Treatment Oil: Suitable for all skin concerns, this oil is soothing and hydrating. Perfectly suited to delicate skin in need of repair.

Odacite Synergie 4 Masque: The combination of enzymes, charcoal and vitamin C works wonders. Leaves skin calm and bright. This masque is a powder that requires activation with water and I love the ritual of mixing it up fresh.


How do you curate brands and what do you look for when selecting beauty and lifestyle products for your store?

I’m very fussy when it comes to ingredients, but I also appreciate thoughtful branding and packaging. I usually opt for brands that have a genuine founder because the people behind a brand are just as important. Authenticity is important to me so I tend to stay away from brands that might be a passing fad or are using green washing to sell a product. While there are ingredients that I like to avoid, I also pay close attention to what goes in a product! I’m interested in innovative use of plant extracts. Natural doesn’t have to mean ineffective. The overall philosophy of a brand is important to me. I don’t buy into using words such as clean or dirty and I try to minimise the use of the term anti-ageing. I like to approach skincare ingredients list like I do food... everything included should serve a purpose

You have incorporated lots of tech into your facial treatments. How do these new technologies work to enhance skin?

I decided to introduce light therapy, microdermabrasion and sonophoresis as optional add-ons because they are safe, effective and non-invasive. In some cases, light therapy has provided results I don’t think any product could! It is so incredibly healing and most of my clients find it very relaxing. Sonophoresis is a great way to boost hydration. It uses ultrasound technology to push water-based serums deeper into the skin. I’ve found microdermabrasion to be highly effective on dull, congested skin.


We loved having you as a judge for The Best Of The Green Edit Awards! Were there any brands or products that you hadn’t previously tried that you discovered and loved?

I loved having the opportunity to be introduced to so many up-and-coming brands. It’s amazing to see how much momentum the industry is gaining. Meeting the founder of Alyssum Alchemy at The Green Edit event after having tried her products was a real highlight. As I mentioned, you can feel when passion and authenticity come through in a product. While I source quite a few brands from overseas, I love to keep my eye out for local talent too so trying the Cleansing Balm by Ipsum in Byron Bay was a real treat. It was great to get reacquainted with Inika Cosmetics. I loved their mascara.



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