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Indigenous Artists Lyn-Al and Judith Young On Family, Creativity, And Clean Beauty Favourites

Indigenous artists (and mother daughter duo) Lyn-Al and Judith Young share their passion for creating mindful art, connecting as a family and inspiring others in their community.

Ahead of the Australian bushfire season The Green Edit collaborated with Lyn-Al Young and Judith Young to create a beautiful, limited edition Koala artwork. It was designed using traditional burning and watercolour techniques, before being eco-printed on a GOTS certified, organic cotton T-shirt to raise funds for charity.


As artists and this being a mother and daughter collaboration, what did you most enjoy about working together to create the beautiful koala artwork in support of The Koala Hospital in Port Macquarie, Lord Somers Camp and Powerhouse?


The burning and water colour technique is a celebration of our family. These techniques have been passed down from my grandparents, so it’s very special to continue to create using the same techniques with my mum, especially when it’s for such a great cause.


The burnt Koala is wrapped in healing. The burning represents the bushfires, whereas the water colours represent new life and healing. It’s a way of acknowledging and representing the people and animals who have been affected by bushfires.


You have a very creative family and a strong bond. How do you all work together?

Judith: Growing up in an Aboriginal family, living in the suburbs of NSW, my dad provided for us by working as an artefact and boomerang maker while my mum was a water colour artist. My dad would teach his children, his nieces, nephews and younger children in the community his craft.

As Aboriginal families, we all work together as a community, using our unique gifts and talents to help and support each other, thus providing blessings for our immediate and extended family.

We set clear goals and visions of what we want to achieve and how our talents can be used to stay connected, support each other and our community.

I was the first to start painting. It was a conscious decision to pass these skills down to my family. Everyone offered their help, including my five children. My husband Richard is great at business and strategy, one of my son’s handled the money and bookkeeping, the other helped with sales, another played music, Lyn-Al started making denim bags to sell and my youngest said she would pray. We were grateful to be together and we had a clear goal to work towards. By helping and supporting me with my art, each child found their own passion, and I was able to support that.

Also as an Aboriginal family, we know there are a lot of challenges, especially in young people. We [my husband and I] found that if you can encourage and support them to find their gift, that’s the key in helping them strive towards their goals.


Coming together as a family and using our unique gifts has been passed down from generation to generation. When I started my fashion range, everyone rallied around and offered help: brothers, sisters, aunties, uncles, cousins… they all contributed their gifts and talents to support me.


Judith, tell us about your first beauty-related memory?

My mum was always well dressed and I remember watching her put her lipstick on.... a reddy-brown shade. As a woman, she always presented herself in a graceful, lovely way and that has influenced how I approach beauty. Even when my mother became unwell with dementia she still applied her lipstick. She always took pride in the way she looked.


Lyn-Al as a fashion designer, when you send your beautiful dresses down a runway, what style of beauty look do you aim to project?

Each one of my designs are a one of a kind, hand painted pieces that tell a deep story. As women, we are all unique, even the runway models I work with. It’s about enhancing their natural beauty and who they already are as a person. It’s all about radiance and glow. I want to let their true beauty shine through.


What beauty products can’t you live without?


I have really started researching and making the switch to natural and sustainable beauty products. I always use a moisturiser.


I love a good moisturiser to hydrate my skin, as well as a lip balm. A natural makeup look with glowing skin and neutral tones, lots of mascara is my go-to. I’m experimenting with lashes at the moment too.


Watch our video from Lyn-Al and Judith.



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