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Kerrie Field & Lauren Harrison

Pod Organics Co-founders


Mother-Daughter Duo Lauren and Kerrie on Creating an Organic Skincare Range During the Pandemic



Today’s guests are Kerrie Field and Lauren Harrison, co-founders of Pod Organics, an organic skincare range that is luxurious, affordable, gender neutral and suitable for use on the whole family, even those with most sensitive skin, including newborns.

What makes this brand even more special is that Kerrie and Lauren are mother and daughter and have worked together to bring their vision of creating a natural skincare range to life.

Having spent many years working in the beauty industry mum Kerrie approached her daughter Lauren who has a background in corporate marketing to join forces and create a truly unique beauty brand.

Their passion and skills truly compliment each other and its clear to see that they approach their business with mutual respect, admiration and love to create a brand that is very considered and special.

  • Your desert island skincare product

  • Professional treatment you swear by

Lauren - Remedial Massage

Kerrie - Full body Exfoliation and Cocoon Wrap

  • Best piece of beauty or wellness advice you can share Lauren - Understand your ingredients and know what you are putting on your skin and in your body and to educate your children.

Kerrie - Nurturing your skin as int is the largest part of your body and finding the right products that work for you.

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