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Kester Black

Founded by Anna Ross



At Kester Black, we’re all about a holistic approach to beauty, and we firmly believe that your beauty routine doesn’t need to come with compromise.

Every single product we create is done with purpose and intent - with you, your experience and your results at the forefront of everything we do. From the ingredients we choose to put in our formulations, to the sensorial experience of using them, our products truly perform. And, of course, all of this is done with a lens to do better for this world and help you do your part.


Kester Black began as a boutique line of silver jewellery – the side hustle of fashion grad Anna Ross. Anna wanted her pieces to incorporate enamel accents, so she began experimenting with low-tox, cruelty-free nail colour. Instant (energy efficient) lightbulb moment.

A decade and 60 shades later, Kester Black is still Australia and New Zealand’s leading ethical beauty brand, and has absolutely nothing to do with silver (except for a few shimmery shades). We’re carbon neutral, vegan, and the first beauty brand globally to get the ultra- gruelling B Corp certification. So while we may have left jewellery far behind, when it comes to upending the status quo, we’re still pretty damn shiny.


We’re all about beauty without compromise. You can have the very best of every world. So while you can expect our products will deliver incredible results (and leave you feeling incredible, too), you can also be assured that we have taken every (gruelling) step imaginable to ensure that we are doing what we can for this planet.

B Corporation Certified

We meet the world’s most rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, transparency and general ethical good-ness, according to B Lab.

Certified Vegan

Unlike the majority of other beauty products, nothing we make exploits animals in any way. We’re verified free of all animal products, testing and GMOs and vegan certified by Vegan Action.

Cruelty Free Certified

We’re free from animal testing at every stage of product development and certified by Cruelty Free International.

Certified Carbon Neutral To support a cleaner, better future for all beings, our company and products are 100% certified carbon neutral, verified by NoCo2.


We make hardworking skincare and beauty products formulated with exceptional ingredients for self-care. We make long-wear lipsticks, 12-Free natural nail polish and nail care products with proven results.

Our best sellers are: Rest & Repair Mask - A hydrating nail and cuticle mask. Protect and nourish your nails overnight with this dreamy concoction of antioxidant-packed organic white tea, fermented rice, kefir, sake, lily, sweet almond and vitamin E oils.

Miracle Base Coat - A base coat for your nails that doubles as a hardening nail treatment. This (82.5%) natural miracle is packed with moisturising oils, organic cherry blossoms, vitamins and brightening pearls.

Disclaimer: We have curated and approved the cleanest available brands and products in each beauty and lifestyle category. Due to the nature of some products, there may be exemptions to the list above due to the ingredients necessary in the production of certain products. Decisions are made on a case-by-case manner with the utmost transparency. For example 12-Free nail polish which contains over 80% plant-sourced ingredients and comply with the European Cosmetic Safety legislation are exempt. Participating brands must always be cruelty-free and ethically produced.


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