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Natalie McGrath

Founder GLOWSO Collagen, Skin, Hair + Nail Formula


Naturopath + Founder of GLOWSO, Natalie McGrath Shares Her Top 5 Healthy Habits To Action By 40 For Glowing Skin And A Smoother Transition Into Perimenopause.



Natalie McGrath is a naturopath with over 20 years experience, who’s passion is specialising in women’s health.

She believes that when women have more energy and vitality it has a profound affect that flows out to their relationships, family, career and their purpose in life.

In 2021 Natalie launched GLOWSO a, Collagen, Skin, Hair & Nail Formula, her first naturopathically formulated TGA listed injestable product, backed by science and evidence to get therapeutic results.

Glowso is a direct response to the needs of the women she was seeing in clinic as well as a solution for some of the issues she needed support with herself.

In this episode Natalie shares her top 5 healthy habits to put in place by age 40. And as Natalie and I are both 44, I was curious to find out what we can do holistically to achieve our best possible skin and energy levels at this age and beyond.

Natalie approaches health and beauty in such a real and honest way - just clicking on the homepage of her GLOWSO website is reads:

Looking for a quick fix? You won’t find it here.

She is all about well-rounded, holistic skin supplements and honesty. So if you are looking to increase your energy, vitality and skin health we have created this episode to help you your way.

  • Last product you purchased - Luk Beautifood Lip Nourish - great to prevent and clear up acne

  • What’s been your best beauty discovery this year - Jurlique Intense Moisturiser

  • Your desert island skincare product - Paw Paw Cream

  • Professional treatment you swear by - Facial Acupuncture - Nat goes to a traditional Chinese Practitioner and practitioner in TCM in WA - Angela Harrison

  • Best piece of beauty or wellness advice you can share - Live with Vitality, do things that bring you joy.

Natalie highly recommends lifting weights, here is the link to the podcast about strength for longevity

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