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Offline's Alison Rice On How To Consciously and Sustainably Grow As Founders and Business Builders

Alison Rice Founder of Offline


Offline's Alison Rice On Closing The Gap Between Our Highest Professional Vision And Our Current Professional Reality



Welcome to this bonus episode of The Green Edit podcast with my lovely guest Alison Rice, founder of Offline. Alison is one of Australia's most in-demand conscious career, business and leadership coaches and I am so thrilled to have her at The Beauty Breakfast Summit as an MC and Speaker on The 16th of March 2023.

Alison and I started recording a 5min chat, a teaser of sorts for The Meet The Summit Speaker Podcast Episode that went live recently.

However our 5 min chat soon turned into 25.

And I wanted to share our full conversation here because I know that brand founders and brand builders from all industries would get so much value from this conversation and from Alison’s conscious career space OFF.

At time of recording there are still tickets available to The Beauty Breakfast Summit and we would love for you to join us. Bring along your team or come yourself, we will both be there and we cannot wait to see you.

At the summit Alison will be setting the tone for our morning together and she will be offering some powerful words of wisdom and encouragement around the topic of what it means to build something that means something, and how to navigate feelings of fear, hopelessness and defeat.

I am a very devoted member of Alison’s conscious career space Off - and it’s within this safe, supportive and inspiring container that Alison, her colleague Lucy and I shaped and evolved The Green Edit event into the very special offering it is today.

And I wanted to create this episode and space for Alison to share in more detail her passion for supporting brand founders and brand builders and how her conscious career space off is evolving in 2023.

Enjoy this episode and we all look forward to seeing you on Thursday the 16th of March at 12-Micron in Sydney for a morning of connection, inspiration and knowledge.

Get your beauty summit tickets:

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Thanks so much for listening and for being a part of our conscious community, we are thrilled to have you!


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