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Polly Roderick

Global Senior Brand Manager at Inika Organic


Plastic Neutral and a Fresh New Look. Inika’s Brand Manager Shares Some Exciting Updates



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Today’s guest Polly Roderick, is the Global Senior Brand Manager at Inika Organic.

Her experience in the beauty industry spans over 18 years including roles in

marketing communications and product management.

Polly is particularly passionate about working with natural, sustainable and ethical brands as these align most with her personal values.

Today is a big day for Inika Organic and we are sharing the inside scoop as the brand unveils its stunning new look and feel with the addition of a groundbreaking sustainability initiative that hallmarks the brand as certified Plastic Neutral. This is a world first in the makeup industry and something the Inika team have been working toward for many years and are so very proud to announce.

As a professional makeup artist I only use clean and ethical products in my professional makeup kit and personal makeup bag.

When it comes to curating my beauty products, I seek the whole package and Inika is the highest certified natural makeup brand in the world.

Their skincare and makeup range is truly natural, they contain clean ingredients, are high performance, innovative, beautifully packaged and luxurious, all without compromising on the important aspects of sustainability, health and ethics.

The connection I have with the brand and product range is truly authentic as I have been using their products for over 8 years and have been recommending them to my clients - completely unsponsored - just because I absolutely love using them.

  • Last product you purchased - Sustainable hair towel

  • What’s been your best beauty discovery this year - Skin minimalism - luminous and natural finish.

  • Your desert island skincare product - Inika Organic Radiant Glow

  • Professional treatment you swear by - The Inika Organic Skincare range used at home.

  • Best piece of beauty or wellness advice you can share - Slow down, take time out to care for your self.

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