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Shenko Organics

Founded by Andrea O' Shea



Our brand ethos is all about supporting the person holistically by implementing a mindful skincare routine based on the law of the five elements. We only believe in using the purest organic ingredients. All the ingredients have been specifically chosen to help support the skin as well as the emotional state. Each oil is a blend of organic rejuvenating oils, essential oils, along with crystal and flower essences which clears stagnation within the meridian pathways. They work on the law of the five elements, wood, fire,earth, metal and water. Once balance is achieved it in turn promotes glowing skin from within.




The founder Andrea has spent 18 years within the beauty and wellness industry and decided to create a product range that combined elements of kinesiology, aromatherapy, and beauty therapy. After working in the beauty industry for years Andrea was surprised what a lot of products contained and how toxic they were to the body. After studying and practicing Kinesiology Andrea realised the strong connection between the organs, the emotions and our skin. She wanted to create something clean, pure, organic and that worked on an energetic level. She then created a product based on this and so shenko was born.


All our ingredients are organic and naturally derived. All products are made in Australia. We do not contain any synthetic or toxic substances. All our product packaging is recyclable. Our bottles are made from glass and all other parts recyclable or reusable. We offer a refill service which saves on bottle wastage. We believe our products are ecological as they are also looking after the mental state of each person, once we are in harmony within ourselves we help support the harmony of the earth itself as we are all connected.


Our hero product and best seller is our Fire Element Facial Oil. It is made to nourish the fire element, which includes - the heart, the small intestine and nervous system. Each oil has been specifically chosen not only for the topical benefits & smell but for the emotional healing properties.

For example Patchouli helps soothe anxiety and within the skin helps acne, dry skin and dermatitis. The fire element oil contains rose quartz crystal essence and a specific blend of flower essences to help the mental and emotional state, which in turn affect the skin in a positive way. The affirmation that accompanies this product is "My heart heals and expands everyday as I fill it with joy and peace"


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