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Founded by Lucy Bradshaw



Tulita is a modern fragrance house rooted in the enduring wisdom of Ayurveda, chakra energies and the connectedness of all things. Born from the philosophy that Mother Nature has the ability to bring us back to balance. Our intention is to elevate you to your highest essence through 100% naturally derived, luxury fragrances.

Enhanced with the power of pure botanicals and natural crystals, Tulita cultivates nature’s gifts to rebalance Chakra energy for your highest vibration. Incorporating the highest possible standards for quality, intention and conscious practices, Tulita transcends traditional notions of fragrance. Tulita is a new vision in evolution fragrance.


  1. To receive a gifted Gua Sha handle with every 50ml purchase valued at $60 use code: tulitalovesthegreenedit

  2. To recieve free shipping on the Discovery Kit use code: MUKTA-SHIPPING


Founded by Lucy Bradshaw, a beauty expert that has over 16 years experience in product creation, and brand management for some of the most luxurious names in the beauty industry. After a career that spanned Paris, London and Australia,

Lucy was on a quest for a greater purpose and deeply resonated with Vedic philosophy and pursued the wisdom deeply to become a yoga teacher and certified Chakra healer. But it was Lucy’s experience into pregnancy and motherhood that deepened her quest to find a highly luxurious natural and non toxic fragrance that were the sparks of creation of Tulita. The dream soon became to create the worlds most luxurious natural fragrance, that did not feel like it compromised any of the sophistication or complexity of a traditional (but toxic) fragrance but could be crafted entirely of the magic of nature.


Tulita was founded to set a new benchmark in luxury, ethical, and sustainable fragrance. We are a passionate pioneer in the Blue Beauty movement, surpassing clean and green practices with unwavering dedication to sustainability and transparency.

Our approach incorporates:

• 100% naturally derived formulations

• Non genetically modified plant ingredients and predominantly organic.

• Plastic Negative (offsetting 200% of plastic emissions, a first in Australia for Waste Revolution)

• Carbon Positive (offsetting 150% of emissions, certified by Trace)

• FSC packaging

• Biodegradable formulations

• Re-usable & refillable bottles

• Upcycled design (crystal cap converts into a Gua Sha massage stone)

• Work with farmers and suppliers

• Recycling and returns program

• Incorporation of green technology to upcycle key botanicals.

• Radical transparency in our ingredient listing & country of origin.

We are acutely aware that the beauty industry is one of the largest contributors to the plastic crises, we were inspired to develop the product with the vision of 0% plastic, sadly some areas were unavoidable, and we are currently at 0.5% plastic. However, in addition to the partnership with Waste Revolution in becoming the first Australian certified plastic negative (offsetting 200%), we have also partnered with The Ocean Cleanup, an organization committed to remove 90% of the floating plastic in our oceans currently estimated at 100,000,000 kilograms of plastic.


We are redefining the fragrance experience with ancient wisdom for modern articulations. As a conduit for connection with nature’s vibrational life force, Tulita is the first of its kind in evolutionary fragrances for wellness.

Our hero products are our first collection of three chakra balancing fragrances: Agati our root chakra balancing fragrance. A rich, sophisticated earthy wood fragrance that creates an energy of calm, stability and protection. Vikasa our heart chakra balancing fragrance. A refreshing modern rose with citrus top notes and a woody base that creates space for love, empathy and compassion.


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