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Founded by Saya McDermott



Consciously created with intention, backed by research, and made with the environment in mind, Saya fuses advanced botanical ingredients with powerful actives to deliver highly effective formulations and naturally powerful results. With roots in Noosa, our locally produced, Australian made range exists to empower and connect people - making sustainability and simplicity synonymous with skincare. We believe that results-proven, research-based, natural formulations don’t have to cost the earth. Made with a sustainability focus, we consciously create our products to be both accessible, and to leave the smallest environmental footprint behind.

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Saya’s story began on the shores of Noosa, with our founder Saya McDermott making her own botanical skin treatments to remedy breakouts and eczema over 20 years ago. With a goal to tailor-make her own skin solution and a deep curiosity for the ingredients and formulations found in skincare. What started as a personal project quickly grew into a calling to help others also suffering from problem skin, often struggling to balance their skin’s needs with their ethical values.

Soon after, Saya was connecting with new customers at local markets, and eventually with like-minded stockists in Australia and beyond. Believing that natural skincare should be uncomplicated yet uncompromising in efficacy, Saya’s eponymous brand is now a global range of multi-correctional products that deliver powerful, visible results that can be seen and felt around the world.


With careful consideration in every decision we make, we’re mindful of our role in creating purposeful products while minimising impact on people and planet. From a people-perspective, this means our formulations are rich with intentionally selected botanical ingredients that have scientifically proven to be effective for all skin types.

From a planet-perspective, this means committing to sustainability measures in all aspects of our operations and becoming more circular as a beauty brand. Our journey is a continuously evolving process of education and research; but it all starts with a consciousness; an intention to do more, with less, every day. Our packaging is made with sugar-cane derived tubing, or 50% PCR plastic - and use no soft plastic labelling for our products. Our cardboard is made from recycled materials and is FSC certified. We use glass where possible. We're always on the hunt for more responsible solutions.


Formulating effective skincare for 20 years; we make skincare that works, by combining only the best of Australian natives and botanicals with powerful active ingredients. Supported by research, backed by science, optimising skin health.

At the heart of Saya, is the need to empower people and enhance their own natural beauty by supporting, listening, learning, and offering real solutions to skin concerns. To do this, we remain at the forefront of creating conscious, efficacious, intentional formulations to the highest quality, and always being mindful of our responsibility to the earth in the process.


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