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Allie Rooke



Ep 11 - Launching Your Beauty Brand In China, Allie Rooke Founder Of Clean Beauty Asia



Joining us today is Allie Rooke founder of Clean Beauty Asia via a fireside chat held for members of The Green Edit community. The audio isn’t perfect as it was a group chat, however the content was too good not to share.

Allie shares her insights and knowledge about the clean beauty market in Asia and highlights the potential business opportunities for natural, ethical, sustainable and cruelty-free brands.

Her focus is helping brands gain the knowledge, confidence, strategies and cultural insights to navigate and utilise the business opportunities that are currently available in Asia.

Allie is passionate about clean beauty, she studied Chinese at university and then spent nearly a decade living and working in Asia for luxury brands such as Burberry, L'Oréal and Chanel before setting up her consultancy Clean Beauty Asia.

If you have aspirations to launch and expand your beauty or wellness brand in Asia, this fireside chat is for you.

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