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Founded by Nicole Castle



BEAUTY BEYOND NATURAL ™ NICOLE LOUISE APOTHECARY® source the globe and partner with organic farms to secure the highest quality, all natural and exotic ingredients ensuring the best foundation for our products. With an intentionally refined, clean approach, we formulate with high concentrations of premium grade, cold pressed plant oils, organic and wildcrafted botanicals, clays, butters and extracts designed to nourish, nurture and protect all skin types, including sensitive, reactive skin.

We remain as close to nature as possible and craft our products by hand in small batches without the addition of fragrance. Our use of essential oils is conscious and minimal. Slow beauty is at the heart of who we are. In a frenetic paced world where the glorification of "busy" is the norm and "more" is perceived as better, it's a real luxury to create moments of peace with beauty rituals that contain fewer ingredients that support the health of your skin.




My experimentation and love of natural beauty was firmly established in childhood. I would seek pleasure laying in the grass, squinting at the sky with the sun warming my face. I would pick wild flowers, create all manner of potions and formulated face and hair masques with everything from egg whites, honey, banana and beer. It would not be unusual to have mashed pumpkin on my face, mayonnaise in my hair and cucumbers on my eyes.

It was joyful and that joy would lead me to undertaking a Diploma in Cosmetology in my late teens. Fast forward a few decades of attempting to manage my sensitive and highly reactive skin, I wanted to create a luxurious range of truly natural, multifunctional, interchangeable skincare that would support my skin’s needs. I begun studying Organic Skincare Formulation and took a deep dive back into the beautiful exploration of natural skincare with the same curiosity and whimsy I had in childhood.


All our ingredients and products are 100% natural, palm oil free and cruelty free. We seek out suppliers who support fair trade and sustainability. Our partners in Morocco work with one of the oldest fair trade, women run co-operatives, ensuring the support and growth of the Berber women, their families and communities. We partner with an organic family run farm in The Kalahari Basin who provide our Kalahari Oil. This oil is considered to be the most sustainable natural beauty oil on the market, ecologically, economically and socially. We house our products in recyclable Biophotonic glass and are working towards our Leaping Bunny certification.


Our magic begins with our exotic ingredients. We seek the very best nature has to offer from the depths of the amazon to the deserts of Africa. Our hero product is our KALAHARI MELON SEED OIL. This lightweight, fast absorbing oil is scientifically proven to contain more natural Vitamin E than any other plant oil.

The unique combination of Vitamin E and Linoleic acid, vital for healthy skin cell function, promotes skin barrier repair, rejuvenation and moisture balance. It’s superior antioxidant properties nourish, hydrate and protect your skin from environmental aggressors and slow the signs of skin ageing. Our beautiful oil is supplied by a family run, organic farm in the Kalahari Basin where they plant the seeds, harvest the melons then carefully cold press and filter the precious oil through cotton.


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