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Pascale Gal



Ep 8 - les huilettes Founder Pascale Gal on French Beauty, Organic Skincare and The Power of Oils



Today’s guest Pascale Gal is the co-founder of les huilettes, a French organic skincare and hair care brand she founded in 2017 with her friend of over 20 years Claire Auzuoy.

les huilettes is the meeting of two minds, Pascale an experienced pharmacist and qualified aromatherapist, who creates each formula in-house at their lab with top-grade, natural active ingredients, paired with Claire, the enterprising and spirited business dynamic of the team.

This Paris-based beauty brand is renowned for its clinically proven, 100% natural, certified organic and vegan formulas. Made in France, working alongside established organic farmers and sustainable producers, the pair are committed to transparency, sustainability, efficacy, and quality.

The name les huilettes translates as 'little drops of oil', each harnessed with benefits that will nourish and care for your skin, mind and soul.

Rapid fire questions for each podcast guest:

  • Last product you purchased - French Perfume

  • What’s been your best beauty discovery this year - Solid cosmetics and solid shampoo.

  • Your desert island skincare product - les huilettes Sensitive - for face and body.

  • Professional treatment you swear by - A spa treatment and massage using les huilettes body oil.

  • Best piece of beauty or wellness advice you can share - running in order to get that glow.

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