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Penny Black Organic

Founded by Nanette Barter


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Australia's first luxury organic, independent and green COSMOS certified professional haircare range using advanced cellular level plant-derived Australian extracts. Our products combine the superpowers of science and nature with Native Extracts to encourage thick, healthy hair growth. Hand made and manufactured by Industry experts in small batches.


Established in 2015. Penny Black created Australia’s first ever Certified Green Hair Salon. But we wanted to go even further. It’s one thing for a product to do no harm; it’s another for it to actually benefit your scalp and hair health.

That’s when I discovered that by harnessing the power of Australian Native Extracts, I could achieve far better results than synthetic alternatives – without putting anyone's health at risk.

I spent four years developing, testing and fine-tuning our dream haircare products.

Instead of just masking damaged hair, we created products that actually nourish your scalp to build your hair health over time. Creating shiny, youthful looking hair that’s naturally healthy and gets thicker and stronger with every use.


We are founded on truth and transparency, which is why our certifications are at the heart of all we do.

  • COSMOS Organic

  • COSMOS Natural

  • Certified Green Salon

  • Australian Certified Toxic Free

  • Vegan


Repair & Restore Vitality Collection and Density Hair Growth Range. Using native Australian extracts, Penny Black can offer “true to nature” alternatives to synthetic hair loss solutions – at scalp level. Identifying four major compounds (procyanidin, Quercetin, Kaempferol and EGCG) known to prolong the hair growth phase cycle, reducing inflammation & increasing blood flow to promote the growth of dense, strong and healthy hair. Kaempferol is key as it helps to block Dihydrotestosterone otherwise known as DHT formation, which causes miniaturisation, shrinking of the hair follicle and hair loss.

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