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SunButter Skincare

Founded by Sacha Guggenheimer and Tom Hiney



Our vision is to create high quality skincare that is both gentle on People and the Planet. We aspire to provide the global community with a lush reef safe suncare range and deeply restorative skincare range with minimum impact on the planet and maximum return to people and the environment - a living and breathing sustainable skincare solution.

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In 2016 marine biologist and conservation ecologist team Sacha Guggenheimer and Tom Hiney were just learning about the negative impacts of chemical sunscreen pollution on our oceans, and in particular coral reefs.

At the time, Sacha and Tom were working on the Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia. Feeling the squeeze between the need to wear sunscreen whilst swimming with Whale sharks and their passion to protect the World Heritage Listed Ningaloo Reef, the pair began to develop a natural high quality sun protection. A formula that possessed the highest sun protection factor possible for their outdoor lifestyle - SPF50, but was not going to compromise their skin with harsh chemicals or have adverse effects on marine life and corals.

This is how SunButter™ was born. The original SunButter sunblock was handmade for the whale shark guides, photographers, spearo's, divers and fisherman of the Ningaloo Reef. Since 2019 SunButter has expanded from handmade sunblock to launching Australia's first reef safe sunscreen packaged in reusable and recyclable tins, Australia's first vegan surf zinc and the World's first Palm Oil Free Certified sunscreen company. All our products are listed with the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration and comply with Australia's world leading sunscreen standards.

Our teams passion to grow a socially and environmentally ethical skincare company is driven by our mantra, "Protecting People & The Planet". A promise to our planet and our customers for us and our future.


SunButter Skincare is certified Palm Oil Free with POFCAP, Vegan Trademark registered, Zero Plastic Certified and Australian Made registered. We also donate 50% of our profits to the planet. All of our products are made from sustainability sourced ingredients that are local and organic where possible. Our sunscreen is manufactured in a solar powered factory and our packaging is designed to reduce plastic pollution, encourage reusing and enable recycling.


Our suncare range is formulated to be gentle on the planet and on sensitive skin. We use non-nano particle zinc oxide as our broad spectrum UV blocker for its natural healing qualities on sensitive, inflamed or damaged skin. Using SunButter you can safely say goodbye to chemical sunscreen breakouts and stinging eyes forever. Zinc oxide has also been listed as the most gentle UV blocker for waterways and oceans, a wind for your skin and the sea.


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