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Sustainable Paws By Chloe

Founded by Chloe



Chloe is 10 years old and has an entrepreneurial spirit. She launched Sustainable Paws dog and cat toys in 2021 as she found that all the previous dog toys she would buy for her dog Mocha were of poor quality and didn't last very long!

She did not feel good about throwing Mocha's almost brand new dog toys into landfill. She also became aware that many dog toys on the market were made from plastic or synthetic fabric, often dyed with toxic dye, she did not want Mocha chewing on toys that may harm his health and the planet.

Her dream was to create a dog toy that Mocha would love to play with, that was high quality, was safe for him to chew on and when eventually it was no longer functional that it would be biodegradable.

Each dog and cat toy is lovingly handmade by Chloe, she has many happy customers 🐕 so please join her on her first business journey.

Puppy Love


Chloe is 10 years old and loves her beautiful dog Mocha, so during Sydney's lockdown she created a non toxic, fun and biodegradable dog toy especially for him from material she had around the house. She tried and tested various techniques and styles and then, refined a special technique to make them very long-lasting and durable.

Chloe did not want to create a product that would further add to landfill, so with the help of her mum she sourced a special rope from a factory that saves dead-stock textiles from landfill. Using an innovative process these textiles are broken down into combed cotton fibres, where similar colours are then blended and re-spun to create unique shades of rope without any need for further dyes or water. The result is a beautifully versatile strong rope from 100% regenerated cotton.

Mocha absolutely loved the new handmade dog toy Chloe had made him, he chewed on his toy for hours a day and it wasn't long until word got out about these fun and eco friendly dog toys, she now has many loyal and happy customers.


Chloe did not want to create a product that would further add to landfill or further harm the planet, so she sourced a strong rope from 100% regenerated cotton. Each dog toy is created by hand using recycled or regenerated cotton, no toxic dyes are used and all dog toys are biodegradable and completely plastic-free.


Chloe makes each Sustainable Paws dog and cat toy by hand right here in Sydney, she weaves in love and positive energy into each toy that your pet will love.


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