The 12 Clean Beauty Products I’m Leaning On During Lockdown

Now that we’re half-way through 2021, the novelty of a snap lockdown has well and truly worn off. I’ve been using the down period to spend time with family, get on top of life admin, and look after myself — namely by indulging in my beauty routine.

Little rituals like facial massage have been a saving grace, and proof that beauty can be a force for good (especially as far as stay-at-home orders are concerned).

So if you’re thinking of doing the same, I’ve compiled twelve of my current clean beauty favourites — the ones I’m leaning on during lockdown (and to nourish parched winter skin).

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1. Ipsum Skin Lip Balm Oil

Masking and dry winter air can really take a toll on lips, but this balm-oil hybrid from Ipsum is the perfect cureall. Rich in jojoba, macadamia oil and shea butter, it melts onto the lips, leaving them smooth and hydrated.

Inika Organic Liquid Foundation

2. Less Is More Tangerine Curl Balm

Whilst in lockdown, I’ve swapped out traditional heat styling for air drying. I simply shampoo, towel dry, comb a little of this Curl Balm through mid-lengths and ends, and let nature do its thing. It adds moisture and shine while helping to reduce frizz.

3. Pod Organics Nourishing Pod All Over Balm

A do-it-all skin salve is a winter staple in my household. Rish in calendula, coconut oil and shea butter, I like it on cuticles, elbows and on chapped lips.

4. Retreatment Botanics Instant Glow Face Mask

Did you even experience a lockdown if you didn’t apply several face masks? Rich in AHA’s, the Instant Glow Mask from Retreatment Botanics removes dead skin and restores luminosity.



5. Serene Body Health Ground Perfume Oil

With notes of frankincense, fir, vetiver and grapefruit, this is the perfect Earthy, grounding scent to wear at home. It’s made using pure essential oils and on a base of jojoba, so it’s good for the skin as well.



6. Edible Beauty Eye Cream

Lockdown seems to be impacting my sleep pattern, so I’m leaning on this luxurious eye cream from Edible Beauty to de-puff and brighten in the morning. It’s formulated with gold leaf, coffee extract and botanicals to care for the delicate skin.