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Frank + Bare

Founded by Joy Clarke



Frank + Bare's ethos 'One Body One Earth'. We are a small Australian business that handcrafts ethical, natural & sustainable deodorants which are super effective, a skincare product uniquely formulated using AHA's, kind to our bodies + packaged to protect our environment.


Frank + Bare was founded when I set our to develop a safe and healthy alternative to mainstream stick antiperspirants and Deodorants. I wanted the formulation to be not only all natural and effective against odour but beneficial for our skin and a pleasure to apply and wear. I also wanted the product to have a holistic approach for not just our body but our earth as well, therefore it had to be safe, sustainable, environmentally friendly and deliver zero waste.


Our deodorants are thoughtfully created to be better for your body and our environment. Our ingredients are purely plant based and all natural, NO nasties, cruelty free and all delivered in recyclable biodegradable packaging, we even use soy inks for the environment. Every purchase through our website we donate $1 back to an Australian Environmental Initiative of the purchasers choice.


All of our deodorants are formulated with AHA's (Alpha Hydroxy Acids), the AHA's are 5 wonderful all natural fruit acids. These acids slightly change the pH of the armpit by working with the acid mantle of the skin and creating an environment that the B.O. bacteria cannot survive or thrive in.

The other magic is, that our formula is not just a deodorant but a skin performance product as well, the AHA's also gently exfoliate the skin each day, leaving the skin softer, brighter and bump free, that's right the AHA's are a saviour for ingrown hairs and hyperpigmentation, what's not to love about an AHA skin Deodorant.


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