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Founded by Megan Larsen



Founded in 1999, Sodashi is a renowned skincare brand known for its holistic approach to skincare, combining the wisdom of ancient traditions with modern science. With a commitment to natural, ethical, and sustainable practices, Sodashi continues to redefine skincare excellence through innovative and clinically proven formulations.

Sodashi seeks to inspire a change: when people start to use Sodashi products, it sparks their awareness about what they are putting into their systems and how they are supporting their own health and wellbeing. They seek to inspire a holistic approach to beauty and wellness.



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Megan Larsen began making her own natural skincare products in Western Australia in the early 90s. Like many start-up founders before her, she sought to create a product she couldn’t find for herself at the time – a 100 percent natural skin cream that wouldn’t irritate her skin as other products did, while also delivering genuine results. When visitors to her healthcare shop started commenting on her skin and asking what she was using, she knew she had gotten the formulation right. Those were the first seeds of what would become Sodashi, which means wholeness, purity, and radiance in Sanskrit.


Sodashi's unwavering commitment to green beauty includes natural, cruelty-free formulations and eco-friendly, recyclable packaging. Upholding values of purity and integrity, we carefully select health-conscious, ethical ingredients. Our dedication to sustainability is further highlighted by our participation in the 'Sodashi Cycle,' an initiative to recycle products through TerraCycle, a specialist in recycling, reinforcing our commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainable beauty practices.


Sodashi's magic lies in the purity of botanical ingredients, creating products that are kind to your skin and the environment. Our hero lineup features the latest innovation, Serum No. 21—a natural retinol alternative that underpins our commitment to clean beauty. This serum demonstrates our dedication to achieving results without compromise, embracing the ethos of staying natural and being gentle on the skin.

Another gem is our perennial best-seller, the Rejuvenating Face & Neck Moisturiser. In addition, indulge in our spa treatments offered in the world's finest spas—a service that complements our commitment to enhancing your overall well-being, providing a holistic experience.



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